Best Interest Rates on Savings

We regularly monitor and compare the  Top Savings Accounts in Ireland. We check the best interest rates on instant access deposits as well as regular savings accounts and fixed-rate deposits.
The interest rates in 2019 are still very low. As a general rule, you’ll usually get slightly better interest rates if you tie your money up for longer.

Note: DIRT (Deposit Interest Retention Tax) decreased from 37% to 35%  from Jan 1st 2019 – so that will mean slightly more interest for savers.

Click on the links below to see the current best savings rates on offer in Ireland in October 2019

Best Instant Access Deposit Rates

Best Rates on Regular Saver Accounts

Best 1 Year Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Best Rates on Fixed Terms Up To Five Years

You could also earn a bit more interest with a regular savings account
or a fixed-term deposit. But remember, with a fixed term account you may not be able to access your money immediately (or even not until the end of the term) – and there could be a hefty withdrawal fee.

Whilst we strive to maintain the rates and update them when changes occur – customers should double check with the financial institutions for confirmation of current rates.