Income Survey Shows Contrasting Results

The latest results of a financial  survey organised by the Irish League of Credit Unions were released today. It’s called the “What’s Left Tracker ” – and one of the statistics collected is how much spare cash people have left each month after all bills have been paid. (It doesn’t specify exactly what bills are included.)
The media coverage mostly repeated what was in the ILCU press release – stressing that people’s disposable income had fallen yet again . Headlines were
A closer look at the figures – shows that statistics can probably be used to show whatever you want.
For example – the survey figures also  show that the percentage of people who have less than  €150 a month left after paying bills has fallen from 63% to 62% since the last survey in June 2012. The percentage who have more than €150 a month left has risen by from 37% to 38%.
The figure for those who have €500 or more left over each month has risen from 367,500 to  385,000.

Maybe it’s not all bad news ?

Budget 2013 might make things worse though – with possible pension , welfare and child benefit cuts as well as possible PRSI increases and  alcohol and cigarette price rises.