Extra Social Welfare Payments 2023

There were some large increases in cost of living in 2022 and the Irish government introduced some financial help aimed at families and those on fixed incomes like pensioners and people on social welfare including carers and people with disabilities.

Further Cost of Living Payments in 2023

  • A €200 one-off “bonus” payment will be made towards the end of April 2023 to all long-term social welfare recipients. The exact date has not been confirmed – but it the same people will be eligible that got the double payment for the Christmas Bonus.
    We estimate that it will be paid during the week beginning April 17th 2023.

    It will be paid to over 1.3 million recipients and will cost approximately €261 million.

  • A lump sum child benefit payment of €100 per child is to be paid in June 2023
  • There will be another one-off increase of €100 per child in the 2023 Back to School Allowance.

One-Off Cost of Living Payments made in 2022

There was a double weekly payment of most weekly social welfare benefits and state pensions in October 2022. This was called the “Autumn Cost of Living Double Payment”. This double week payment was made in the week beginning October 17th 2022 .

Double payment of the children’s allowance was made on November 1st 2022

All fuel allowance claimants got a one-off lump sum of €400 on 14th November 2022.

Living Alone Allowance claimants got a one-off lump sum of €200 on November 14th 2022.

Working Family Payment claimants got a €500 lump sum on November 14th 2022.

A lump sum of €500 for those on disability allowances, invalidity pension and blind pension was paid on November 14th 2022.

A lump sum of €500 for those on the carers’ support grant was paid on November 21st 2022.

A double monthly Student Grant payment was paid on 16th December 2022

There will be a credit of €600 on all household electricity bills. It will be three separate credits of €200 each for November , January and March. More details here.