Septic Tank Registration

Septic tank Registration in Ireland was supposed to  begin in  April 2012  – but there were delays in getting computer systems ready . Finally from  June 26th 2012 -you can now register your septic tank and any other waste treatment system .  Read more about how and where to register here .

All septic  tanks and waste treatment plants registered before the end of Sept 2012  will be charged a reduced registration fee of €5.  After the initial 3 months “discount”  the registration  fee will be €50.
Deadline for registration is 31st Jan 2013.

All householders with septic tanks and other on-site waste treatment systems will be required to register details of their system with the relevant local authority and a national register will be compiled and held by the EPA;

Details of  Fines for Non Registration here


24 thoughts on “Septic Tank Registration

    • The registration procedure has not been set up yet – we will let our readers know how to register as soon as we find out.

    • Darina – all waste treatment systems will have to be registered. Basically the owner of every private home or business which is not connected to the public sewer will have to register.

  1. Hi,

    To register online, is this facility set up yet? I note on 6th February you mentioned the online facility hadn’t been set up yet? When is this likely to be available?

    Thank you.

    • When do I to register my septic tank & how do I do it on line?
      Liam Flagerty

      • Liam – it is not possible to register septic tanks yet. The government say they hope to get it up and running during April. We will be writing about it here as soon as it happens.

  2. I’d like to register before the end of March and pay the reduced registration fee of €5 – I’m reading in a few places that the fee will return to €50 after the end of March … but it’s not possible for me to register online yet … Is this true? How then do I register before the fee increases???

    • JC – as the article states …… registration will not start until at least mid April and you will get the lower rate of €5 as long as you register in the first 3 months. So you wil have until at least mid July 2012 to avail of the cheap rate registration.

  3. today I heard a minister saying we must register for septic by tomorrow but on this site we cant do it till April!!!!
    such confusion

    • Susan – I think he must have been talking about the household charge !

  4. I heard it on today fm that today was the last day for the spetic tank charge . They must be going mad!1

    • Brian – I think they were talking about today is the last day for the public to make comments or submissions on the proposed Proposed Content of Regulations for Operation and Maintenance of Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems.

    • Actually Brian is probably correct – I also read that today is the last day for discounted registration in one of the broadsheets the other day.

      • It cannot be true – the registration of septic tanks has not even begun !

  5. where on line can i register for septic tank charge? is 31may the last day to do it

    • Rita – the Government have not given details of when registration will begin. We should hear something after the referendum is over. Don’t worry – the reduced rate of €5 will apply for 3 months after registration begins.

      • Are you quite, quite sure that thee €5 charge will apply after registration is possible – I may be being quite sceptical here (pardon the pun!) but I Have my doubts!!! I just don’t trust this government!

      • Kathy – I can only repeat what government information is saying – and that is there will be a 3 month period of reduced registration fees. If they do a u turn on that – they will look stupid to say the least.

  6. What will they be charging for next? How many windows a property havs? The air we breathe? No wonder the crime rate has increased so dramatically.

  7. What a brilliant website! Thank you for all the info. Am selling my home and it’s great to know what I need to do (or not as the case may be!)

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