Septic Tank Registration

The system for registration of  septic tanks and all other domestic waste treatment systems in Ireland has been in place since July 2012.

The original deadline for registration and payment  was 1st February 2013 and there is  a fee of €50. Registrations are still being accepted – and it is a prosecutable offence not to register.
Figures from the Dept of the Environment say that  445,934 out of an estimated 497,281 systems had been registered by June 2013 . That was about 90%

Grants may  be available if  a system fails inspection and was registered before 1st Feb – read more here about Septic Tank Grants
Inspections began in the summer of 2013

 Who has to Register?

All  Domestic wastewater treatment systems have to be registered by the property owners  – not just septic tanks.

Domestic wastewater treatment systems include septic tanks, waste water tanks, and treatment systems receiving, storing, treating or disposing of domestic waste water.

It also includes all fittings and percolation areas associated with such tanks and systems and drains used to discharge waste water from a premises, whether or not a receiving tank is present.

Basically – if you own a  premises that  is not connected to the mains sewerage system you will need to register.

You can register online at the  website – and pay by credit card or debit card. If you own an unoccupied house – it still needs to be registered. Tenants do not need to register – just property owners.

You will be asked for your  MPRN number to register – this is the Electricity Meter Point Reference Number on your ESB or Electricity bill. (It is optional)

You can also register and pay at Local Authority Offices  where you can pay by cash , credit or debit card , cheque, postal order or  bank draft .

Printable Registration Form  available here

Irish Printable Version Here

Registration forms should also be available from  Libraries; Citizen Information Centres or by calling  1890 800 800.

You can call  from outside Ireland on   00353-1-2224000.

Forms  can be sent in the post along with payment  by cheque, postal order or bank draft made payable to “Protect Our Water”.
Registration forms need to be returned  : Protect Our Water, P.O Box 12204, Dublin 7.

There are no exemptions.  Where an owner is unable to register, for example due to physical or mental incapacity, registration on their behalf should be made by the next-of-kin, legal representative or other authorised or appropriate person.

If you share a single treatment system with other properties – all the property owners still have to register.

Owners of properties connected to larger on-site systems which discharge in excess of 5 cubic metres per day do not need to register. Such systems, which serve sports clubs, pubs, hotels, guesthouses and other businesses already require a licence from the relevant local authority under Section 4 of the Water Pollution Act 1997.

More info on Septic Tank Charges Here


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84 thoughts on “Septic Tank Registration

    • John – I guess it’s to narrow down which house is being registered . Every house has electricity (99.9%) – so they all have an MPRN reference . In rural townlands where there may be people with the same name – it will be the best way of determining the actual house registering. Probably the ESB have the best property database in the country?

  1. I would have accepted that if it were part of the household charge registration but surely there ‘re more likely to be more households nationally with the same name as there’re rurally.
    Suspicion of Hogan and he’s poor handling of the household charge I have to admit does fuel my cinism. The septic tank charge in itself was only a drastic attempt to cushion the gap they had not budgeted for in the water charge on the realisation they could not charge those supplying their own water.
    Compound this with the fact that it is already obvious that attempts are ongoing to compile as much info re. households for further combined taxes eg. As part of the household charge you are asked to divulge your water supply.
    This seems like further information gathering and now all septic tank owners have to submit their mprn numbers which will compile part of their datbase.
    There is a related charge somewhere down the line either for rural or corporation serviced dwellers in relation to this info.

    • The website tells you what the purpose of asking for the MPRN is and how it will be used. I would imagine it wasn’t requested for the household charge because there are no inspections involved. But in any case, if you don’t want to provide your MPRN you don’t have to – its optional.

    • Patrick – that link to the form is fro printing and filling in by hand if you want to register by post/ You can register online at

  2. Are you all aware that this charge has to be paid/renewed every 5 years – you don’t become aware of this fact until you have paid your €5.

    • It has to be renewed – but at the moment they are saying there might not be a charge for renewal.

  3. I live within the UDC boundary of a big inland town, me and my neighbours have our own septic tanks, we have being trying for years to be connected to the sewage system but only getting promises from goverments and public reps.

  4. This charge is just another means of getting at rural people of this country I mean we are being asked to pay house hold charge and we are told by politions that it is for the use of the comunity eg. lighting ,parks landscaping etc. well being a rural dweller I dont use parks or lighting in public areas or any such perks that are available to city /town dwellers I also have to supply my own water and running costs so again what is the e100 doing for and now another septic tank charge that looks like it is only another tax coming in the future

  5. I have duly paid my fee like a good citizen…..what now? Will someone come out and inpsect my tank and then charge me again accordingly? Will the government then take their annual/5 year fee?

    • Ann – if your tank is chosen for inspection there will be no charge. They are only going to inspect those in high risk areas. There is no annual fee. As it stands at the moment – reregistration is every 5 years – but no extra fee is mentioned. You probably won’t hear from anyone again for 5 years.

  6. I have paid my reg. fee on 11.07.2012 but have not received acknoledgement nor receipt. Is this common practice? I have no prove as I had not registered the letter.

  7. Werner, you say you did not register the letter so I’m guessing you paid by mail. If you included a cheque/draft etc, then this should be sufficient proof (eg, when the cheque is cashed). Or if it fails to arrive, you can cancel the cheque/draft and get another. If you sent cash in the mail, then I’m afraid you’ll just have to hope for the best …..

  8. I live within the UDC boundary of a main town in a munster county, not connected to the mains only a septic tank, but have been been promised down the years by politions to be connected. Do i have to registar and pay.

  9. We are a group dwelling of ten houses and have our waste serviced by a private waste treatment plant, do all ten houses need to register the treatment plant? Also this treatment plant has its own electricity supply, do we use this MPRN number? If we all have to register, can we all use this MPRN number?

    • Sam – In the situation where more than one house shares a domestic waste water treatment system, each individual household must register.
      Each house owner should register with their own MPRN number to avoid any confusion. Don’t use the treatment system MPRN.

  10. As we are off grid for electricity and dont have an MPRN number how do we register?

  11. Unable to register on line as I am unable to access,not allowing me to input my details

  12. I have written in my diary that I registered for the septic tank in February 2012 I do have a password. I dont have an email or a receipt from you to suggest I am registered and paid the five euro. Please advise.

  13. Why couldn’t they use this incentive for the household charge?

    The whole household charge implementation is one of the greatest farces ever perpetrated on the public.

    Umfortunately, a lot of people caved in at the end as usual.

    We’re a pack of whingers-we just blustered as usual,when it came to the crunch “oh my God what will I do?”
    People deserve the government they get!

  14. I wish to know why I need to register my septic tank when I have registered for the Property Tax early on this year. This form asks the question as to what water system one belongs to.
    Surely it makes since if I own a property that I also have a septic tank??? This to me is a double charge and additional cost. Why is it not possible for the goverment to tie the two things together.

    • Kenneth – not every homeowner has a septic tank. The majority are connected to the sewage systems in towns and cities. The question on the Household Charge form asked about water supply – not waste water. In a year or two we will all be paying water charges too .

  15. Iwish to pay my septic tank charge on line but it wont allow me to put in my details please reply

  16. Why has the leaflet explaining how to register only just been put through our postbox, when registration became mandatory in June? The deadline for the cheaper fee of €5.00 is now only 2 weeks away. Seems like a cynical attempt to grab as many €50 fees as possible by leaving people insufficient time to attend to this.

    Unsurprisingly there is absolutely no commitment to means-tested or other grants, just evasion. Nor is there a list of approved waste collection contractors…. I feel very sorry for elderly and disabled people who will simply be unable to cope with this intimidation.

  17. Hi

    WHERE DO I SIGN IN? All my attempts have failed on the advertised site

    Ellen Keane

  18. a chara

    an féidir leat leagan Gaeilge den gcáipéis seo a chur chugam más é do thoil é.

    • Cad is cuspóir leis an gClárúchán um Chórais Chóireála Fuíolluisce Tís?

      Is é is cuspóir leis an gcóras clárúcháin agus iniúchta maidir le córais chóireála fuíolluisce tís, a tugadh isteach faoin Acht um Sheirbhísí Uisce (Leasú) 2012, cáilíocht an uisce talún agus dromchla a chosaint (go háirithe foinsí uisce óil) ó na rioscaí a ghabhann le córais mhífheidhmithe. Ceanglaítear ar gach úinéir áitribh atá ceangailte le córas cóireála fuíolluisce tís a gcórais a chlárú.

      Cé a chaithfidh clárú faoin reachtaíocht?

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      Cad is córas cóireála Fuíolluisce Tís ann?

      Áirítear ar chórais chóireála fuíolluisce tís, gach umar seipteach, umar fuíolluisce agus córais chóireála a ghlacann, a stórálann, a chóireálann nó a dhiúscraíonn fuíolluisce tís. Áirítear orthu fosta na feistis agus na limistéir shíolaithe ar fad a bhaineann le humair agus córais dá leithéidí agus na draenálacha a úsáidtear chun fuíolluisce a scaoileadh amach ó áitreabh, cibé acu an bhfuil umar glactha ann nó nach bhfuil.

  19. Can you register your septic tank on line please. I would appreciate a response.

    thanking you.


  20. tried to register my septic tank online but website keeps sending you around in circles, is this deliberate one wonders?

  21. We are quite near the deadline for registering our Septic Tanks but not possible to do so on-line. Are we going backwards or is this another half thought out gimmick to screw the public of €50 rather than €5.

    • The system is probably struggling to cope with the last minute rush. Try again later maybe ?

    • to register online go to the end of the online form and choose online registration which leads to create new account and from there it is easy. Good Luck

  22. I am unable to complete the form.?
    What is the problem please

    If this suddenly becomes available after 28Sept this will be a very cynical measure indeed

    You will not endear yourselves to anybody.

    • go to the end of online form and you will find register online, it leads to create account and is easy from there on!

  23. The process of registering on the website is straight forward very simple-you must create an account before you can pay-this is normal on all websites when you are spending cash- as always we leave things to the last minute and blame everyone else-watch this space on October 24th we will have the usual stories blocking phone in programmes because people did not know about the digital switch over!

  24. you need to go into your county conncil and find water and septic tank registration .i had no problem,did it at 11 o clock las nite

  25. i only received my bill today in the post, way past the deadline today being october 4th , i will not pay 50 euro for post office failure. what do i do

    • Christine – I don’t think bills are being sent out. Who is it from??

  26. Dear Sir/Madam, I am a very deaf pensioner who lives alone. My nearest paper shop is 7 miles away, so no papers. I also cannot hear radio. The first I knew of the registration leaflet which came to my door this week..(after the $5 registration date. Why could these not have been sent out in time for us to register? This is more draconian red tape. Please what do I do? Yours faithfully, Jenny Iles.

  27. As the law refers specifically to “domestic waste water” any business premises are not included.

    • Joerg – the term “domestic” is misleading . It sounds like businesses don’t need to register. BUT the legislation states that
      “All owners of domestic wastewater treatment systems are required to register their systems . However, owners of properties connected to larger on-site systems which discharge in excess of 5 cubic metres per day do not need to register. Such systems, which serve sports clubs, pubs, hotels, guesthouses and other businesses require a licence from the relevant local authority under Section 4 of the Water Pollution Act 1997.

  28. logged on to pay septic tank charge, unable to navigate site as reasonable users of online payment this is extremely frustrating! we would expect our application to be considered tomorrow as we have made a reasonable attempt to pay the charge by the 1st of February deadline

  29. Also logged on to register for septic tank on 31.1.13 Website would not accept information.

    As all information was included in this application I assume this property is now registered.

    • Gay – If i was you I would get in touch with the people at to check it has gone through OK . Assume nothing …

  30. logged on to regiser for septic tank on 31 01 2013 could see no way to pay the 50 euros

    • Helen – you need to click on the “create account” button and set up an account where you will be asked for details of the address you are registering. Then you will be eventually directed to a payment screen.

  31. will grants be given if paid today because on there statement it says grants given only registered before 1st feb. so alot of people might be caught having paid ON the 1st feb

    • All domestic septic tanks and other waste water systems should be registered not later than 1st February 2013

    • Brid – when the grants were announced they just said you had to register by the 1st – so you should be OK .

  32. can i still send payment now. ? 11th feb. also friend has owned a house here for 2 years, but only moved in on sunday. shall i send his payment too ?

  33. I went to pay my reg fee monday 11th feb
    was told due to late payment i wouldnt get a grant if i needed to upgrade my tank
    I was out off the country at the end of jan-early feb and forgot about the 1st feb deadline
    whats my chances of geting the grant if i need a upgrade

    • Peter – I doubt if they will change the rules on this. They will say that people had since June 2012 to register.

  34. I paid septic water charge for my parents on line when I was registering my own property however I am now registered as the owner of their property according to your correspondence. what do I do about this?

    • Caren – you need to get in touch with the people at

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