Possible €5000 Fine for Non Registration of Septic Tank

The legislation that brings in the requirement to register septic tanks is in the  Water Services (Amendment) Bill 2011

Basically all properties that are not connected to the mains sewage will have to register  before the start of February 2013.
In the legislation a “domestic waste water treatment system”  means a system involving physical, chemical, biological or thermal processes, or a combination of such processes, utilised for the treatment or disposal of domestic waste water, or the sludge derived from domestic waste water, and includes—

(a) all septic tanks and waste water tanks and systems receiving, storing, treating or disposing of domestic waste water and all drains associated with such  tanks or systems, and

(b) all drains associated with the discharge of domestic waste water, whether or not they discharge to a septic tank or waste water tank;

It will be an offence not to register – and a conviction will result in a Class A fine – (Max €5000 ).
Read more information about Registration Charges for  Septic Tanks Here .


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