Fixed Rate Electricity and Gas.

Fixed rates on mortgages and savings have been around for years – but the availability of fixed rates on energy in Ireland has not been that common.  Back in 2020 a newcomer to the Irish energy market , Iberdrola. offered fixed rates on gas and electricity.

It was a good idea if you wanted to be sure that your electricity rates would not go up for a year.

Ibedrola left the Irish market in early 2022.

There is no supplier offering fixed rates for gas or electricity in Ireland in 2022 – and with the fast-rising energy prices it is very unlikely that any supplier will ever offer fixed rates again.

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In March 2020 – the dual fuel fixed rate offer available from Iberdrola  –  would have worked out at €1486 for average gas and electricity usage over one year.  Their unit rates were fixed for 12 months.

By comparison –  the best dual fuel offer at the time was from Panda Power ( €1462 over the next 12 months, including their cashback offer.)

So that is a only a €24 difference   – but you would have been protected from any price increases for a full year with Iberdrola.

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