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Comparison of Electricity Prices in Ireland

By doing a comparison of electricity prices and switching to the cheapest deal on an annual basis, households can save significant amounts of money. There have been a few price rises already in 2021 - we have updated ...
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Is it Cheaper to Use Electricity at night in Ireland?

If you have a night meter installed and are signed up to a Night Saver tariff with your electricity supplier - your electricity rate per Kwh will be cheaper at night. However , electricity is NOT cheaper for ...
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What is the Average Electricity Bill in Ireland ?

When householders start looking into the high cost of electricity - it can be useful to compare their electricity to other households. But - what is the average electricity bill in Ireland in 2021 ? We all use ...
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A Review of the One Big Switch Energy Offers.

One Big Switch has a couple of energy switching offers running at the moment. (Julyl 2021) Dual Fuel Offer The discounted dual fuel offer from One Big Switch, with Energia, works out at ‚ā¨1724 in year one for ...
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Switching Electricity Supplier in Ireland

Here at MoneyguideIreland  we are always advising people to shop around and switch energy suppliers to reduce bills - but how many people have actually switched their Electricity provider?The CER (Commission for Regulation of Utilities ) released some ...
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Cost of Using a Tumble Dryer

Most people are probably aware that using a tumble dryer can increase electricity bills by quite a lot - but just how much is the cost of using a tumble dryer to dry an average load of clothes ...
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