Eflow Toll Scam Alert

Eflow – the company that are responsible for operating the M50 tolls – have warned people to be aware of possible fraudulent emails or phone calls.

Apparently there have been calls and emails from people  claiming to be from Eflow offering  special deals  relating to eflow or barrier free tolling.
These emails or phone calls are probably  an attempt to defraud you.
If you are requested to provide payment details by return of mail or during a phone call –  you may be at risk of fraud. Never disclose your personal details in response to any unsolicited request.

Eflow say that recent unsolicited phone calls claiming to offer reduced rate tolls for 1 year in return for a €100 payment upfront are in no way related to eflow and customers are advised to be wary of such an offer.
If anyone suspects a phone call is fraudulent –  ask if you can call them back on the Eflow number  1890 50 10 50 to complete any valid transactions on your eflow account, thus ensuring you are dealing with an eflow representative.