Send Money To Poland From Ireland

Sending Money To Poland

If you need to transfer money to Poland From Ireland – then using a currency specialist company is usually the best way. Don’t use your own bank to convert your Euros to Zloty because they will give you poor exchange rates.

You will need to have a bank account in Poland to receive the money – none of these money transfer companies deals with cash.


Currency Fair are great for sending smaller payments to families or businesses in Poland. You can also use them to send money from Poland to Ireland. They have no minimum transfer amount and they accept payments by Irish debit card.

CurrencyFair operates a “peer to peer”  currency exchange – cutting out the banks. For low fees they allow you to get exchange rates that are pretty close to the interbank rates.
Once registered, you just transfer Euros to your Currency Fair account and then you can convert the Euros to Polish Zloty ( PLN ) and send it to any bank account in Poland.

Larger Transfers

If you have amounts of more than €10,000 to exchange and transfer to a bank in Poland – you will usually get better rates from using specialised currency brokers.

Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct are one of the biggest currency companies in the world. With a London HQ, they have been operating since 1999 and transfer more than £7.5 billion annually. Currencies Direct are authorised by the Bank of Spain to operate as an Electronic Money Institution in the EU. They can help you send money to Poland from Ireland. (Bank account required in both countries)

Currencies Direct USA Ireland

You can get a quick quote for currency exchange on their website.

Once you have registered with Currencies Direct you can arrange a transfer of money to Poland from Ireland. You can organise transfers over the phone , online or by using their mobile app. Personal advice and help are always available. You can pay in funds with UK or EU debit cards or use bank transfers.


Fexco is an established Irish finance company that can exchange your money and transfer the funds to your chosen bank account in Poland.
Fexco was established in 1981 in County Kerry and now employs over 2,300 people in 29 countries. They are authorised as a payment services provider by the Central Bank of Ireland.

You can get quotes for currency exchange online at the Fexco Website