Best Way to Transfer Money Between Ireland and the USA

If you need to transfer money between Ireland and the USA – you will usually save money if you avoid using your bank.

  • Maybe you are moving back home to Ireland and need to send a large amount of money from the USA to Ireland to buy a house?
  • Perhaps you need to send a large sum of money from Ireland to a relative in the USA?
  • You might have an inheritance or pension lump sum that you need to transfer between bank accounts in Ireland and the USA.

In general, when it comes to transferring money overseas, people tend to use the services offered by their own bank. Using your bank might seem like the easiest option. However, you need to realise that hundreds of Euros or Dollars could be lost because of poor exchange rates and high fees when sending money to Ireland from the USA.

A report by Capital Investments Ltd found that in 2019 , people in the USA sending money to other countries paid a total of $7.3 billion in fees and exchange rate markups. However, by using a currency broker they could have reduced those exchange rate markups and often avoided fees altogether.

Money Transfer Companies Authorised in both the USA and Ireland

Not all currency transfer companies are approved to operate in both the United States and Ireland – but we have listed below some that are.
The following money transfer companies are all authorised in some, or all, US states and can be used by US residents to send money from the USA to Ireland. They are also authorised in Ireland/ The EU and can be used by people in Ireland to send money to the US from Ireland.


OFX offers money transfers and foreign exchange services across 55 different currencies.
Founded in 1998 , OFX now has eight offices across the world, including Dublin and San Fransisco.
With over 200 staff around the world, OFX can offer 24/7 support if required.

USForex Inc. , trading as OFX, is licensed as a money transmitter by state regulatory agencies in all but 2 US states. (Wisconsin and Nevada).
In Ireland, OFX is authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland to operate as an e-money institution in Ireland and the rest of the EU.

Once you register with OFX , currency transfers between Ireland and the USA can be arranged online or over the phone or on the OFX app (Apple or Android).

Help is always available from OFX agents over the phone and their personal, proactive approach will help you to access competitive rates of exchange.
If you need to lock in a rate but aren’t ready to transfer now, a Forward Exchange Contract may be a good idea for you. With OFX, you can book transfers as far as twelve months in advance, protecting you against exchange rate movements.

A big company like OFX can usually offer better rates to their clients because of the large number of money transfers they do. OFX doesn’t charge transfer fees and their minimum transfer amount is $100 or equivalent.
OFX can send Euros to Ireland from the United States and can also send British Pounds from the USA to banks in Northern Ireland .(UK)

Register with OFX Here


Transfermate has its headquarters in Dublin and also has US offices in New York, Miami, Chicago, Austin and San Francisco.
TransferMate is licenced as a Money Services Business in all the states of the USA.
In Ireland, it is authorised to carry out money remittance by the Central Bank of Ireland. (This also covers the whole of the EU).

money transfers usa ireland

Transfermate specialises in business payments – but also deals with personal clients.
If you need to transfer money between the USA and Ireland , Transfermate’s minimum transfer amount is €1000.
You can set up an account and arrange USD to EURO transfers via their website. Once you have registered with Transfermate, personal support will be available over the phone 24/7.

Garton Global Payments

Garton Global Payments is based in London and was set up by Irish native Niall Walsh. They have plenty of experience in dealing with large international money transfers.
All customer payments and transfers are carried out on the Currency Cloud platform.
The Currency Cloud Inc. is licensed for money transmission in all but 7 US states.
The Dutch Central Bank has granted Currencycloud BV (their Dutch entity) an e-money license allowing it to operate across all the EU countries.
Currencycloud processes over $1bn a month on behalf of hundreds of thousands of people and companies. (Including Revolut, Aviva, Starling Bank (UK), Brookline Bancorp (USA) and Standard Bank (South Africa) )

Garton Global

Garton Global Payments has a much lower cost base than the banks which means they can offer better rates for you. (Especially on amounts over $10,000 / €10,000) .
They can also offer customers the ability to fix an exchange rate for a date in the future. (max 12 months) .

Click here to Request a Quote for your transfer.

Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct is one of the bigger global money transfer companies and has been operating since 1999 transferring over £7.5 billion annually.
Currencies Direct is licensed as a Money Transmitter in 12 states of the USA.
Those states are California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. They have an office in Orlando, Florida.

  • Currencies Direct is authorised in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution.
  • In the EU, they are authorised as an Electronic Money Institution by the Bank of Spain.
Currencies Direct USA Ireland

Once you have registered with Currencies Direct you can arrange transfers over the phone or online or via their app.

You can request a quote for currency exchange on their website.

WISE (Formerly Transferwise)

WISE is an online peer to peer exchange company with its HQ in the UK. However, residents of the USA can use WISE because It is licensed as a money transmitter in all US states. (apart from Nevada and Hawaii).
In the EU, WISE is licensed and regulated by the National Bank of Belgium – this covers the whole, of the EU including Ireland.

There is no minimum transfer amount with WISE – so they are great for smaller transfers
The exchange rates offered by WISE are usually close to the Interbank rate and their fees are based on a small percentage rate. (For example, $42 to transfer $10,000 US Dollars to Euros and $4.51 to transfer $1000 to Euros.)

If you are located in the US – you can visit the  WISE US Website to find out more and register.

WISE is ideal if you are in Ireland and have third party payments being sent to you in US Dollars.
The WISE “Multi-Currency Account ” allocates you a US bank account number and routing number. You can give this account number to other people to transfer US dollars into it, as if it was any “normal” US bank account.

ACH transfers, also known as electronic money transfers, into a WISE USD account are free to receive.
SWIFT or “wire” transfers into the account will cost you $7.50.
Once you receive the USD payment you can then use your WISE account to swap it into Euros and transfer it to your destination bank account in Ireland.

You can also directly link a WISE account to a US bank, credit card provider, PayPal, and also set up direct debits.

Money Transfer Companies Authorised in Ireland


Fexco is based in County Kerry and is authorised as a payment services provider by the Central Bank of Ireland.
If you live in Ireland, you can use Fexco to exchange your Euros into US Dollars and transfer the funds to a bank account in the USA.  Fexco will also be able to assist you in sending money from the USA to Ireland. However, Residents of the US cannot currently register with Fexco.

exchange dollars to euros

Fexco will help you get the most from your money with bank-beating exchange rates.
You will get direct access to a dedicated currency dealer who will support you throughout your money transfer.
You can request a quote online at the Fexco Website


If you are in Ireland and prefer to do everything yourself online  –  you can use the online peer to peer exchange service  CurrencyFair .
CurrencyFair is based in Dublin and is authorised as a payment services provider by the Central Bank of Ireland.
With CurrencyFair you can exchange money straight away at the best available rate or wait for a better rate to be offered. There is no minimum transfer amount.

currency fair

They are not authorised for use by residents of the United States. However – once you have a Currencyfair account – you can use it to receive US Dollars sent from bank accounts in the USA. (The person paying you in USD doesn’t need a Currency Fair account).

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