Best way to Transfer Money Between USA and Ireland

If you need to transfer money between Ireland and the USA – you will save money by NOT using your own bank to do it for you.

Maybe you are buying a property in Ireland or the USA.
Perhaps you need to send money to a relative, or you have savings or an inheritance that you need to transfer from one country to the other.
Or you might need to accept a payment from a third party in US Dollars.

Sending Money from the USA to Ireland


TransferWise is an online exchange company that cuts out the banks and for a small fee allows you to get exchange rates that are pretty close to the interbank rates. Residents of the USA and Ireland are allowed to register with Transferwise.
There is no minimum transfer amount – so they are great for smaller transfers.
If you are located in the US – you can go straight to the  Transferwise US Website
TransferWise is ideal if you have third party payments being sent to you in dollars. They have a free “Borderless account ” which allocates you with a US bank account number and routing number. You can give this account number to third parties who can then pay US dollars into it as if it was a normal US bank account.

Once you get the payment you can then exchange it with Transferwise into Euros and transfer it out to an Irish bank.

Exchange rates at Transferwise are pretty close to the Interbank rate and fees are low. (For example, $6.86 to transfer $1000 US Dollars to Euros.

TransferWise is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) in the USA. It is licensed as a money transmitter in all US states apart from Nevada and Hawaii.


Transfermate is a Dublin based foreign exchange company regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. 
In the USA TransferMate is registered as a Money Services Business with the Department of Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network .
Transfermate is more suitable for larger transfers – such as house purchase funds . The minimum transfer amount is €1000 .
US residents can set up an account with Transfermate.

You can arrange currency transfers via their website or you can phone them for a personalised  service in Dublin on  01 6353776

Sending money from Ireland to the USA :


exchange dollars to euros

Fexco is based in County Kerry and is authorised as a payment services provider by the Central Bank of Ireland. Fexco can exchange your Euros into US Dollars and transfer the funds to your chosen bank account in the USA. 
So, if you are selling up and moving to the USA or just sending funds to a relative,Fexco will help you get the most from your money with bank-beating exchange rates.(Note: Residents of the US cannot register with Fexco.)

You can get a quick quote online at the Fexco Website


f you are happy doing everything yourself online  –  you can use the online exchange service  CurrencyFair .
CurrencyFair is based in Dublin and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. With CurrencyFair you can exchange money straight away at the best available rate, or request a better rate and when (if)  it is reached, your transfer will take place. There is no minimum transfer amount .

currency fair

They charge a small fee of $4 for each transfer into US Dollars.
(Note : US. Residents cannot currently register with CurrencyFair )

Once set up – you can also use CurrencyFair to receive US Dollars from someone overseas. (They don’t need a CurrencyFair account).
You can give them the CurrencyFair US dollar bank account details plus your CurrencyFair customer account number to use as a reference number. Once they have paid you the Dollars you can then convert the dollars into Euros on CurrencyFair and transfer it out to your “main” bank account. (€3 fee).


Transfermate, is based in Dublin and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.  You can use them to send money from Ireland to the USA. Minimum transfer is €1000 . US residents can use Transfermate as well as residents of UK , EU and several other countries.

You agree on an exchange rate and pay in your Euros. Transfermate will convert it to US Dollars and pay it to your nominated bank account in the USA. (It doesn’t have to be your account) . You can phone them in Dublin on  01 6353776 . Once you have registered you can set up an online account and arrange currency transfers via the Transfermate website .

If you are just looking for travel money (cash) – have a look at our page on The Best place to buy US Dollars in Ireland .

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