Send Money to England

Transferring Money Between the UK and Ireland.

What is the Best Way of Sending Money from Ireland to the UK ? Thousands of Irish people have family, work or study links in the UK. As a result, the need to send money from a bank ...
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transfer usa to ireland

Best Way to Send Money From the USA to Ireland

If you need to transfer money from the USA to Ireland - you will usually save money if you avoid using your bank. The currency used in Ireland is the Euro (EUR) . In America the currency is ...
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Transfer money to poland

Send Money To Poland From Ireland

Sending Money To Poland If you need to transfer money to Poland From Ireland - then using a currency specialist company is the best way. Don't use your own bank for converting your Euros to Zloty because they ...
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nigeria money

Sending Money To Nigeria From Ireland

There are millions of Euro sent to Nigeria from Ireland every year. The exact figure is not known. With an estimated 15 million Nigerians livingĀ in countries including the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, remittances ...
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