how much can i borrow

Getting a Mortgage in Ireland – How Much Can You Borrow ?

The first questions most people usually ask about getting a mortgage in Ireland are ... How Much Can You Borrow ? How much of a deposit do you need ?How much will the monthly payments be? Mortgage lending ...
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property tax

Affordable Mortgages – Rebuilding Ireland

A government-backed mortgage scheme - the "Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan" (RIHL) has been running since February 1st 2018. Some people call it the "affordable mortgages scheme" This RIHL provides mortgages at reduced interest rates to first-time buyers who ...
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Low Interest Loans for People on Social Welfare or Pensions

A government-backed scheme to provide low-cost loans from Credit Unions was launched in 2018 . The loans are called It Makes Sense loans - and they provide small, low-interest loans for people on Social Welfare or State Pensions ...
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credit score

How to Check Your Credit Rating in Ireland

Checking credit scores seems to be a big thing in the UK - with several firms regularly advertising apps offering to check your credit score for free. Some of the UK names include Credit Karma and ClearScore Here ...
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house buying

Lending Limits on Mortgages in Ireland

There are regulations in place since 2015 , set up by the  Irish Central Bank that set lending limits on mortgages in Ireland.  These mortgage lending regulations first came into force in February 2015 and were amended slightly ...
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PPI Refunds in Ireland

Original Artice From 2014 - Updated in 2017 and 2019 to take account of legislation changes. The issue of mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI)  was very widespread in the UK and it looks like the banks also tried ...
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