Alternatives to Collecting Pension and Welfare Payments

Thousands of elderly people and those with bad health collect pensions or benefit payments from post offices. Because of the current coronavirus issues – it is advised to avoid busy places.

Welfare have changed ALL payment to fortnightly to help reduce trips to ost Offices. More details on Fortnightly Payments here

NEW: March 20th – Post office welfare and pension payments will now be available for collection for 90 days (3 months) – if people can’t make it to the Post Office for a while. It is normally only available for a couple of weeks.
This might be a worry for Post Offices getting targeted for thefts.

Temporary Agent

If someone is not able to collect their payment personally at the Post Office a nominated person (Temporary Agent) can be nominated to collect the payment on their behalf. 
To become a Temporary Agent, the recipient must complete the required form which is available from the Post Office or online here

When collecting a payment, a ‘Temporary Agent’ must produce the recipient’s card as well as their own valid photo I.D. e.g current Passport, Driving Licence or Public Service Card.

Payment to Banks

Welfare has introduced for those customers who have a verified Mygovid account a change of payment method request available through

A verified account requires the person’s identity to be verified (these customers will have a Public Services Card (PSC)) and their mobile phone also needs to be verified. But the department has temporarily postponed the SAFE registration process for new applicants but those who already have a PSC can verify their mobile phone by calling the department at 1890 927 999.

Alternatively – if you want payments of pension or welfare to be paid into your bank account you can request that here.

Signing on for any benefits has been suspended with effect from 12th March 2020 until further notice. Weekly casual dockets will continue to be required as normal.