Watch out for Duplicate Debit Card Transactions

This week – some people may have seen their bank accounts going overdrawn  because of  debit card transactions being processed twice by mistake .
Eighty eight thousand  debit and credit card transactions processed by AIB Merchant Services were  duplicated on Monday .  The duplicated transactions have been identified and should be reversed by the end of today (Fri 18th Jan) – but some accounts  could end up being overdrawn for a few days because of the error.

If you get charged by your bank for going overdrawn as a result of a duplicated debit card transaction – you should ask them to refund the charges.

Una Dillon, head of card services at the Irish Payment Services Organisation, said the error affected people in Ireland and the UK and involved transactions were worth about €4.9m.
It is not just  AIB customers that were  affected – it would be any card transaction processed on a terminal operated by  AIB Merchant Services.

For further information, you can contact 0818724724