Visa Debit Rollout Delays for AIB and BOI

Bank of Ireland and AIB  were supposed to be replacing  Laser debit cards  with Visa debit cards  – but there have been some delays.

Over 2 million customers were due to begin receiving their replacement cards this year – but   both banks have experienced delays in the roll-out of the cards due to “technical difficulties”.

One million  Bank of Ireland customers were told to expect Visa debit cards by June this year – however , only 400,000 new BOI Visa debit cards have been issued to date.  BOI are now hoping to have replaced all Laser cards with Visa Debit cards by the end of September.

AIB say they plan to switch about 1.4 million customers to Visa debit cards during the “second half of 2012” . The bank has confirmed that it will start  issuing cards in the fourth quarter of this year.  Some AIB customers may not receive their Visa debit cards until Autumn 2013.

The new cards being issued by Bank of Ireland and AIB will contain “contactless” technology, which allows customers to pay for purchases of €15 or less by holding their card over a reader at certain retail outlets.

Ulster Bank customers were given Visa Debit cards in 2008 / 2009

If you are fed up with your Laser card not being accepted at online shops – and you want an alternative  -why not try a prepaid debit card ?

See our page about Prepaid Debit cards and where to get them in Ireland .

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  1. AIB would really want to get their asses into gear and sort this problem, If they don’t they will start to lose customers. Bank of Ireland have now start to send out visa debit cards since last week (mid September)

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