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Today’s Tip : Don’t bother using Water Softeners for your washing machine

Recent tests in the UK by “Which”  – where they simulated three years’ worth of washing using Calgon –  found no evidence that using Calgon extended the life of a  washing machine in “normal” washing conditions. (40 degrees)

The  tests did find that using Calgon reduced the build-up of limescale in  washing machines – but  the small layer that built up without Calgon was not enough  to affect the running of the machine or suggest future failure.

A family in Ireland that uses  Calgon in every wash  – doing 4 washes a week – would spend  around €430 over the course of seven years.

The experts at Which  suggested it could be 6 to 8 years  before a normal machine in an area with particularly hard water would require attention as a result of limescale build-up.

You could buy a brand new washing machine if you had to – with the money saved by not buying Calgon or a similar product.

(Price of Calgon at Tesco is €12.45 for 42 tablets)