Irish Water Charges in 2023

What is happening with Water Charges in 2023 ? The first "excessive usage" water charges were supposed to start around July 2019. These water charges were then delayed until " at least October 2020" - and the first ...
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Phone Numbers for Irish Water

On the original Irish Water application forms the main contact numbers were 1890 numbers. We have written before about the potentially high costs of ringing 1890    numbers - especially from mobile phones.  Waiting for half an hour ...
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water charge refunds

Irish Water Refunds

Refunds of  Irish Water Charges It was announced in early September 2017 that most householders could expect Water Charge refunds from Irish Water before Christmas 2017.  The Irish Water Refund cheques  started going out on November 20th  2017 ...
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Water Charges Suspended

The suspension of Water Charges was announced  by the government back in May - and it finally became official when the Water Services Amendment Act 2016 was enacted on July 26th this year . Domestic Water Charges were ...
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