Septic Tank Registration Fee

The idea of a so called Septic Tank Tax  is still on the agenda.
The latest news is that there may now be a registration fee  for septic tanks and other waste treatment units .
As usual – the full details are not available. But apparentlythe Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has said that   from 2012 the owners of homes with septic tanks will have to pay a “very modest” registration charge . A spokesperson is reported to have added that this fee would not have to be paid every year, but would have to be paid every few years.
No amount was mentioned !
It does seem a bit strange to call something a registration fee – but then ask people to pay it more than once!
Hopefully the government will have their plans worked out in time for Budget 2012 in December this year.
There are estimated to be about 400,000 septic tanks or similar small sewage and waste treatment plants in Ireland .
In England and Wales – the number is closer to 300,000.

In England there is a septic tank registration system – which is currently optional and FREE. It was originally going to be mandatory – but that is under review at the moment.
In Scotland the registration fee is £104 by post, or £77 online.
In Wales it is also free – and is mandatory (to be done by Jan 2012)