Septic Tank Tax

The idea of a tax on septic tanks in Ireland has been mentioned in recent weeks  – but the term “tax” is a bit misleading.
The so called Septic Tank  Tax is being mentioned because  a  European Court of Justice ruling found that Ireland has failed to make adequate legislation for dealing with domestic waste-water from septic tanks and other similar  wastewater treatment systems.

Ireland was required to adopt the necessary legislation, which ought to have been in place by April 1993.
This month Ireland is being sent back to the EU Court of Justice and the EU commission is asking the Court to impose a lump-sum fine of €2.7 million and a daily penalty payment of € 26,173

There are over 400,00 of these kind of waste treatment systems in Ireland – and they need to  be  maintained andregularly de-sludged  to keep them working properly,

In many cases homeowners never do anything about septic tanks or other  sewage treatment systems – and they could be  causing serious pollution.

There needs to be some sort of  licensing and inspection system  – and this will involve a cost  – probably to homeowners.
Most responsible owners of septic tanks will already have them checked and emptied at regular intervals – and that will already be costing them money.

It is expected that a mandatory inspection  system will be needed – which could  mean annual charges in the region of €80 or more for rural homeowners.

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