Household Charge Protest

The introduction of a new Household Charge was mentioned back in July 2011.
This week a  campaign of non payment is being launched  by the  United Left Alliance

The new household charge will be a fixed rate for everyone and temporary . It is only to be in force until a full blown  property tax and a water charge system can be implemented.

There is to be a meeting on Saturday 10th Sept 2011 at 1.30pm in the Teachers’ Club, Parnell Square,  Dublin .  People before Profit Alliance TD Richard Boyd Barrett said the purpose of Saturday’s meeting was “setting up the infrastructure for a mass campaign of resistance”.

A statement from the organisers said up to 100 public meetings are being planned for every community in Dublin city and county. “This Saturday’s National Organising Forum is intended to equip people who want to fight the charge from across the country with the know-how for building campaigns of non-payment in their community. Anybody who wants to fight this charge is welcome to attend.”