Septic Tank Charge Exemptions

The deadline for the registration of waste water treatment systems such as septic tanks is  1st February 2013 . The fee is €50

There are no exemptions or waivers .
Where an owner is unable to register, for example due to physical or mental incapacity, registration on their behalf should be made by the next-of-kin, legal representative or other authorised or appropriate person.

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All Domestic wastewater treatment systems have to be registered by the property owners – not just septic tanks.

Domestic wastewater treatment systems include septic tanks, waste water tanks, and treatment systems receiving, storing, treating or disposing of domestic waste water. It also includes all fittings and percolation areas associated with such tanks and systems and drains used to discharge waste water from a premises, whether or not a receiving tank is present.

If you share a single treatment system with other properties – all the property owners  have to register.

You need to register online at