Self Assessment Tax Return Deadlines 2014

The deadlines for the 2013 Income Tax returns are getting closer.

If you are doing a paper based Form 11  Tax return – they have to be with  Revenue by the 31st October 2014.  Online Form 11  returns via ROS  have a  later deadline of November 13th 2014.

There is a late filing penalty if tax returns are not made in time. The penalty is 5% of your tax bill if the 2013 tax return is made late but before the 31st Dec 2014. After that – late returns incur a 10%  penalty.


Local Property Tax Compliance

If you haven’t paid the LPT due or to enter into an agreed payment arrangement up to 13/11/2014, a surcharge of 10% will be applied to the finaltax  liability, subject to a maximum amount of €63,485.


Where the LPT position is subsequently brought up to date, the amount of the surcharge will be capped at the amount of the LPT liability. If this occurs any appropriate refunds from the revised surcharge will be available.