Unmetered Water Charges – (Figures Prior to Nov 19th)

The  original amounts for the Water Charges were agreed by the CER (Sept 30th) – but new charges have now been announced by the Government on November 19th.
See details of the most recent changed to Water Charges Here

The information below relates to the Water Charges as they were originally set up. These figures have now been replaced by the revised charges – we have kept the old figures for reference.

The water charges began on 1st October 2014  with the first quarterly bills due out in early 2015.   All the water meters will not be installed until late 2016 -and until they are  – all those unmetered properties will be billed for water without any measurement of what they use.
Note: Even if  you have a water meter  your first 3 quarterly bills will be capped so they will not be higher than the “assessed” charges (see blow for amounts). So all homes will be paying the assessed charges until the end of June 2015.

Eventually – by late 2016 – all  but about 300,000 homes should have had water meters installed. The 300,000 homes without meters are mainly going to be apartments where it is difficult to meter each unit within a block.

Assessed Charges

Unmetered properties will get a bill based on an “assessed charge“.  This assessed charge will be based on the number of adults in a household as declared on the water “application pack”

Water charges will be made up of two components  –  a charge for the water used and a charge for waste water treatment. Only homes connected to the mains sewer will be charged for waste water. Only homes connected to the public water mains will be charged for water usage.

The Assessed Water Charges (unmetered)  for 2014/2015 will be based on the number of adults and are shown in the table  below. (Rounded to nearest Euro)
The total figure is shown with and without the household allowance which is granted only if an adult PPSN is supplied. (rounded to nearest euro)

No. of Adults in Household
Water  Usage
Waste Water Charge
 Total Water Charge
(With Household Allowance)
 Total Water Charge
(No Household Allowance)

Irish Water have sent out  hundreds of thousands of forms out to all householders requesting information about thenumber pf people living in the house , the PPS number of the liable person and the  PPS numbers children in the house. They will also be asking householders  to confirm if they get their water via the public mains and if they are connected to the mains sewage system . (There is currently no accurate record of household water and waste water connections in Ireland) .

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The assessed charges above are based on the inclusion of  a free household allowance of 30000l per annum and 21000l per child.

If householders do not respond to these Irish Water letters  – it is proposed to charge unmetered homes the full amount (water and waste water) for two adults without the free allowance – i.e. an annual charge of €424.

If the “application” form is returned but no PPSN is supplied for the account holder – the unmetered charge will be increased by €146.40 per household because the free allowance will not be given.
If no PPSN is supplied for the children – then the assessed charge will be increased by €102.48 per child . See table below

Assessed Water Charges if no PPS Numbers Provided
No. of Occupants in Household (Adults + Children)
Water Usage
Waste Water Charge
Total Water Charge
7 €468.48 €468.48 €936.96
8 €519.72 €519.72 €1039.44
9 €570.96 €570.96 €1141.92

Non responding households with a meter will be charged as per the metered usage rates – but they will not be given any free allowances for children or for the household.

Where water meters have been installed –  houses will be charged for water and waste water based on the volume they use. It is proposed that for the first 9 months of a house going onto metered charges – the total water  bills will be capped so that it will not be more than the assessed charge (see above) for an equivalent  household (based on the number of adults).
The first proper uncapped bills  based on metered usage will not go out until  July 2015.

Second Homes / Holiday Homes
It has been decided  that properties identified as Non-principal private residences (such as holiday homes) will be billed a minimum charge by Irish Water of  €125 a year. This amount  is for homes connected to both mains water and mains sewage.  The minimum charge will be halved to 62.50 a year if the home has it’s own waste water treatment.This minimum charge applies to metered and unmetered second homes.

Read more about  metered water charges here

42 thoughts on “Unmetered Water Charges – (Figures Prior to Nov 19th)

    • Well that €240 was the figure quoted by government ministers – and was supposed to be the average charge per household. They still say that will be tha average charge per household.

  1. How did irish water come up with this figure
    Of €139 for two adults in a unmetered
    House, when they don’t know how much
    Water two adults use in a metered house

    • It’s €139 each for water + waste – so a total bill of €278 if you have both.
      They based this on surveys they carried out since meters were installed – they covered 1650 houses and asked how many occupants adults/children and monitored usage for 3 months.

  2. Thanks MONEY GUIDE for thorough information on water charges.
    Nevertheless it all looks to me like another (hidden) tax imposed on citizens.
    People have to pay no matter how much water they used? It is like a new “road tax” you need to pay in full, even you use your car once a month to visit your next door granny.

  3. “an annual charge of €424.”
    Where did that figure come from? Wouldn’t it be 278€?

    • 278 but adjusted for no free allowance = 424 . Free allowance not given if no PPS supplied

  4. What happens if the metered charge is lower than the assessed charge for the next 9 months.i have 4 adults but two are away as Erasmus students until next june.so I would probably be better off being charged on the meter readings. Also think everyone should be given an allowance not just children

    • a) You should inform Irish Water that 2 adults are no longer present.
      b) If you have ameter – the bill is capped at the assessed charge (it will never be higher than that)
      b) There is a refund scheme which will credit your account with any overpayment – this is calculated after 6 months

  5. If you are filling out the form for a holiday home and do not have a PPS number for Ireland, will you be fined?

    • No – the PPS number is not really required for a holiday home because they are not giving any free allowances anyway for holiday homes.

  6. I share joint custody of 4 of my children with their dad. However, I do not get any payment for the children…their dad receieves it as he has them an day more than me. If i dont receive any form of payment 4 the kids i doubt very much that I.W wil give me an sort of “allowance” for them. They wont be getting my pps number or that of any of my children. I WONT be paying their estimated bills and I wont be threatened or bullied in to a contract either. NO CONSENT NO CONTRACT and send those application packs back!!!

    • Hi Siobhain, whatever happens, I’d put them all down on your list of occupiers. Irish ater can only get a YES or NO in regard to queries on residents…ie…based on your PPS No. YES, you have four kids and they stay with you. Claim for them all, let Irish Water figure out otherwise, they can’t and they won’t.

  7. Hi.
    I have someone stay 5 nights a week. Should I say I’m just on my own in the house or put down 2. This other persons uses toilet/shower etc. if I say it’s just me then my capped Bill will be €176 until 2015? Is that correct? But then I might get a Bill in July 2015 which will be metered & I’ll end up paying the extra then anyway. Is that also correct? Basically should I put down that there is 2 living in the house. A meter has been installed outside my house. Thanks.

    • If your home is their main place of residence then put them down.
      If they have their own home that they only stay in some of the time – they could register that with Irish Water as an unnocupied dwelling. (not in permanent residence)

  8. Hi,

    I live in a property (used to be a big house) which has been split into three separate properties (ie apartments)with approx 3 people living in each property. As far as I can see only one meter was installed outside the large house.

    Will this mean that only one bill will come to the large property and the bill is to be split 3 ways OR will each property get a separate bill?

    Also will each property get the annual allowance or just the large house? Thanks.

    • Brendan – if oaps are in reciept of the household benefits package (free tv licence etc) they will get €25 a quarter . Otherwise no help apart from the household free water allowance that everyone gets.

  9. There are 5 in the family but 3 are away at College and dont come home every weekend. Not sure what number to put down on form as if I put down 5 then its 293 euros and if I put down 2 its 139 euros.

    • you are supposedto put them down if it’s their main residence. Another way of looking at it is will they be paying water charges elsewhere? If they are renting they will probably end up with a water bill – so why should you be paying too?

  10. Is there any way Irish water can tell the no of occupants in a household? inclusion of 1 pps no gives them details on all people living there?

    • Bill – they are relying on customers to self declare number of occupants. They may do spot checks where usage is obviously high for number of occupants.

      • I take it when the country is 100% covered by meters, the number of adults in a household wont make any difference to bills at that stage

      • There will always be about 200,00 properties without meters (mostly apartments). But – yes…. the charge on metered properties will not be affected by the number of adults. (Apart from their usage of course)

  11. is there a way to register online as we have not received the registration letter yet.?

  12. I was under the impression that metered unregistered houses would pay a default tariff of €424 a year however this article says that metered unregistered houses will pay for their usage and simply forgo their free allowance – Is this definitely the case?

    I am awaiting an answer from Irish Water on this but would like to get input from others… If you intend to pay the water charges and live in a house with a large water consumption rate there is simply no benefit from not registering?


    • As the article states – metered homes that don’r register will be billed for water usage and no free allowances will be given. That is what Irish Water have stated they will do.
      All metered bills are to be capped for 9 months at the unmetered charge – so the most you would pay for the first 3 bills would be 106 (a quarter).
      Unmetered homes that don’t register will be billed €424 a year.(106 oer quarter) All figures ignoring cents.

  13. What about those that own a holiday home but are UK residents and have no PPS number. How do they ensure they receive the holiday home rate?

    • There is no free allowance on holiday homes (not permanently occupied homes) – so no PPS should really be needed.

      • The form says you have to supply PPS to avail of the the unoccupied dwelling charge. It states that it is proposed that properties identified as Non-principal private residences (such as holiday homes) will be billed a minimum charge by Irish Water of €125 a year.

      • There is no free allowances on unoccupied dwellings . A PPS number will get you a free allowance on a main home – but I am pretty sure that the absence of a pps on a holiday home will not affect the charge. They should apply the minimum charge .

      • I understand there is no free allowance. Below is the information in the application pack guide:
        Question 11: If there are no people living in the property
        you should apply for the unoccupied dwelling charge. This
        applies, for example, if the property is a holiday home. This
        is a minimum charge for residential properties that are not
        permanently occupied and are connected to public water
        services. To avail of this minimum charge please provide
        your PPS Number.

        So, how do UK residents avail of it if they have no PPSN?

  14. An unmetered household will have their charge increased for each adult they admit to on the form. Will the charge be increased for each child included on the form?

    • No – umnetered charges are not affected by children but if/when you get a meter you need to tell them about children to get the free 21,000 litres per child (pps needed)

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