Revised 2015 Water Charges – The Details

Here is a summary of the revisions to the water charges – announced on November 19th 2014:

Water charges will now begin from January 1st 2015 (Not Oct 2014 as was in place).
First quarterly bills due in April/May 2015.

All water bills to be capped until Jan 2019. (Was previously for 9 months)

Maximum charge for single adult household will be €160 a year
Maximum charge for multiple adult households will be €260 a year.
Lower bills possible if on a meter.
People with just one service (water/waste) will pay half the above rates (€80 or €130)
Details Here

PPS numbers no longer required by Irish Water.

New deadline for “applications” is 2nd February 2015

Non registration will result in a “default” €260 annual bill.

A Flat rate “water conservation grant” of €100 a year per household can be claimed from the Dept of Social Welfare if the household has responded to Irish Water. (Even if not on mains water or on mains sewer). Payments  of teh “grant” are expected to begin in Sept 2015. More Here

Metered bills can (in theory) be lower than the above capped charges . But – no one will avoid getting a water bill because the free household allowance of 30,000 litres has been removed.  This removal seems to have gone unnoticed by most people. The government announcement highlighted a cut in the charge rates but no mention was made about the free allowance.

The metered unit charge has been reduced from €4.88 per cubic meter to €3.70 . (€1.85 for water only or sewage only.) See Metered Bill Calculatons Here

All children under 18 will get the 21000 litre allowance – even if they are not getting child benefit.

The system of rebates is still in place if after getting a meter your bills are less than what you were paying on the assessed charge.

Late Payment Penalty.
Late payment (over 1 year late) will result in a penalty of €30 for single adult households and €60 for bigger households.

Call Out Charges  – Irish Water will not be offering additional services such as leak location or repair past the meter (stopcock). So the issue of call out charges no longer arises.

First Fix Scheme – this is still as originally promised – details here.

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  1. There is no childrens allowance. I asked Irish Water and they said there are no household or childrens allowances but that there is no charge for children.

    • If you are metered – for each child in the house you get 21000l free. This hasn’t changed.

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