Public Transport December Price Rises

Some more transport price rises have been announced – these will take effect from Saturday December 1st .

Summary of  Price Increases :

On Dublin Bus, most cash adult fares will rise by 25c  – but the current €2.65 fare will increase by just 15c to €2.80 .
Schoolchild cash fares will rise by from 75c to 80c. Other child fares rise by 10c.

Leap fares are also increasing – but they will still be cheaper than paying cash.

Old Leap Fare           New Leap Fare
1.25                                 1.40
1.70                                1.90
1.95                                 2.10
2.40                                2.45
0.70                               0.70  (schoolchild)
0.85                                0.90
1.05                                1.10

Bus Eireann  fares will increase by an average of 6 per cent across all ticket types . Fares on services in  cities will rise  10c . Weekly tickets will rise by about 6% – so a weekly ticket that currently costs €18 will rise to €19.

A short hop on the DART will increase to €1.65 (up 15c),
Luas fares  for 2 to 5 zones will increase by 10c.

Irish Rail fares are going up by as much as 3.9%  and as little as 1% – but actual increases vary across routes and journeys.  For example a  current open return fare of  €40 will rise to €41.50.