Property Tax Payments for 2015

With all the publicity about the  Water Charges – many people may  have forgotten that they will soon have to start thinking about paying  the 2015 Property Tax.

If  you are paying your 2015 LPT in full by  cash, cheque, postal order, credit card or debit card. – the payment deadline was the 7th January 2015 – but the Revenue Commissioners have extended this to  4pm on Friday 9th January.

The LPT Helpline (1890 200 255) will remain open from 8am to 8pm on both Wednesday (7th) and Thursday (8th) and from 8am to 4pm on Friday (9th). –  See alternative to 1890 number here

If you wish to change your payment method for 2015, you were asked  to  access your LPT record online and confirm the new payment method by 25 November 2014 (if you needed to select an alternative phased payment method) .
Revenue are still encouraging any property owners who still wish to switch to phased arrangements but have not yet confirmed their payment preference, to avail of the extended date and immediately inform Revenue of their payment method.
Revenue say they will make every effort to implement their preferred choice for January but failing that will certainly have it in place for February thereby ensuring an equal deduction over the remaining 11 months of the year.

If if you wish to pay the tax in full, in a single payment – you need to confirm that  by 7 January 2015  9th January.

The 2015 liability date for LPT is  November 1st 2014.  If you owned  a residential property on that date – then you will be liable for the Property Tax on it  for all of 2015.

See the Property Tax Charges for 2015 here

For all of the 623,000 or so owners that paid the 2014 LPT  by Direct Debit or by deduction at source – that method of payment will continue automatically for 2015. There will be no need for these people  to complete any forms etc. (Unless they want to change their  method of payment). If owners  were exempt in 2014 – and nothing has changed – then the exemption carries on through 2015.

But – if you are one of the majority of people  (Just over 1 million) who paid the 2014 LPT  in a lump sum from your bank account or by credit card or debit card , or by cheque or cash or by installments in the Post Office etc   – you will need to confirm your payment method again for 2015.

Revenue sent out   letters during October 2014 to these 1 Million or so people  to ask them to confirm their payment option for the 2015 LPT .

A payment instruction form (LPT1a) was only included with the letter for about 160,000 people (i.e. those who filed by paper last year) . The rest of the owners will be expected to confirm payment methods for 2015 online. About 50,000 notifications will also  issue to Revenue Online mail boxes.

The deadline for  confirmation of the payment method was  the 25th of November 2014 – but Revenue are still taking details of changes.

The good news is  – that the original LPT  valuations that were  filed in  2013 are valid until 2016 – so you don’t have to go through the valuation process again. The LPT valuation band you selected for 2013 stays the same until 2016. (Unless you think it was wrong.)

Note that if you bought your home in 2013 you are exempt from the Property Tax until 2017 – see more about that here

Property Tax Lump Sum Payment Dates for 2015

Credit/Debit Card payments: (online only):  The full amount will be charged to your card on the day you select this payment method for paying your 2015 LPT liability.

7th  January   9th January 2015: If  you are paying your LPT in full by  cash, cheque, postal order, credit card or debit card. – payment must be made by the latest 7th January 2015

15th January 2015 – This is the date of the first LPT monthly direct debit.

21st March 2015:  Single Debit Authority payments will be deducted from bank accounts on or around  this date.

To avoid this hassle in 2015 and 2016 – and to spread the payments over the year we stongly suggest that you just pay by direct debit !

See the 2014 Property Tax Rates Here

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  1. Can you just pay online without this confirmation? For those of us who live in the UK and have a house there, I don’t see why it is necessary to ‘confirm’

    • If you didn’t set up a regular payment method last year they have to confirm again how you want to pay. Thay can’t just debit your card again without you telling them to. If you use direct debit – that would just continue each year.

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