All Homes bought during 2013 are exempt from Property Tax until 2022

Because of an error in the Property Tax legislation – it turns out that anyone who purchased their principal residence during 2013 is exempt from the Property Tax until the end of 2021.
(This date was extended in October 2020. it was originally the end of 2020)

The legislation was supposed to grant the exemption to only first-time buyers who bought in 2013 – but a small error meant that all purchasers of homes that were bought between Jan 1st 2013 and Dec 31st 2013 are exempt until the next valuation date – which is now due in November 2021 . (They must reside in the house to qualify).

The error has been known about since at least July 2013  (it is mentioned in a Revenue operations manual last updated in July 2013)

Revenue have said they will be contacting anyone who has paid the 2013 LPT and bought their property between  1 January 2013 and 1 May 2013 . These people are entitled to a refund of the Property Tax paid.  (We think it might be a good idea for anyone in this situation to contact Revenue about a refund if they haven’t heard from them soon.)

Anyone who bought their current home since Jan 1st 2013 will also be exempt from the 2014 LPT – and should not pay it. If you have already paid it you should get in touch with the Property Tax section at Revenue to claim the exemption. See Contact Details Here

The exemption only applies to the purchasers – so if a house was sold in November or December 2013 the seller will still be liable for the 2013 and 2014 LPT – but the buyer will be exempt for 2015 onwards.

The liability date for 2013 was May 1st 2013 – so if a house was bought between May 1st 2013 and before Nov 1st the seller will be liable for the 2013 LPT and the current owner will be exempt from the LPT.