Property Tax 2014 Payment Dates

The 2014 liability date for LPT was November 1st 2013.  If you owned  a residential property on that date – then you are liable for the Property Tax for all of 2014.

Update – Details of 2015 Property Tax Amounts Here

For all owners that paid the 2013 LPT liability by Direct Debit or by deduction at source – that method of payment will continue automatically for 2014 and there is no need to complete any forms etc. (Unless you want to change your method of payment).

But – if you are one of the vast majority of people who paid the 2013 LPT  in a lump sum from your bank account or by credit card or debit card , or by cheque or cash or by installments in the Post Office etc   – you will need to confirm your payment method again for 2014.

Revenue have  sent out letters to around  a million  people  to ask them to confirm their payment option for the  2014 LPT . The deadline for online confirmation of payment method was the 29th of November (moved from 27th  November 2013). (The deadline for confirmation in writing was Nov 14th)
Even though the
deadline for 2014 has now passed you can still go to the LPT website and  file your 2014 Payment Instruction.
If you didn’t get -or you have lost your LPT reference numbers  – you can request it On-line . Alternatively, you can call the LPT helpline on 1890 200 255 to obtain your Property ID/PIN.

Figures from Revenue show that only 20% opted for direct debit or voluntary deduction at source in 2013  .  So the remaining 80% of people will have to confirm their payment method again for the 2014  LPT. That’s about  1.3 million – a lot of postage stamps!    Revenue say they have sent out 988,000 letters – so we can only assume that figure is lower because of some owners having multiple properties.

The good news is that the LPT returns that were  filed for 2013 are valid until 2016 – so you don’t have to go through the valuation process again. The LPT valuation band selected for 2013 stays the same until 2016.

Note that if you bought your home in 2013 you are exempt from the Property Tax until 2017 – see more about that here

Property Tax Lump Sum Payment Dates for 2014

Credit/Debit Card payments: (online only):  The full amount will be charged to your card on the day you select this payment method for paying your 2014 LPT liability. (

1st  January 2014: If  you are paying your LPT in full by cheque   – payment must be made by the latest 1st January 2014.

15th January 2014 – This is the date of the first LPT monthly direct debit.

21st March 2014:  Single Debit Authority payments will be deducted from bank accounts on this date.

See 2014 Property Tax Rates Here

To avoid this hassle in 2014 and 2015 – and to spread the payments over the year we stongly suggest that you just pay by direct debit !

8 thoughts on “Property Tax 2014 Payment Dates

    • Alan – I am certain that if you don’t pay until January there will be no penalty or fines. Thousands paid late last year and no one had to pay any extra. The Revenue would like to get the money in asap – but the most you can expect if you don’t pay by Jan 1st is a reminder letter.

  1. What action will revenue take if you do not confirm your payment method before 27 November 2013.

    • They will eventually send a reminder and will probably attempt to deduct the tax from salary /pension or benefits. If that fails they will send more reminders. Best option is to choose to pay by installment at Post Office etc. That will give you some more time before they chase you again.

  2. Cannot get through to their phone number advice line. I wrote a letter to them (and kept a copy) stating that I had paid through An Post (cost €1) earlier this year and plan to do so again next year, before the nominated 21 March 2014.
    If the Collector general people in Limerick are not happy with that they can write back to me.
    They seem to want to force people into on-line or web payments – the best alternative is to use postal contacts and let them write back to you to confirm your proposed payment arrangements.

    • Gerry – did you not get a LPT1a form asking you to confirm your payment method? Was the option on there to pay at the Post Office?

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