Prescription Charges in Ireland

In Budget 2020 it was announced that from July 2020, the prescription charges in Ireland would be changing.
This change has not yet happened and we are not aware of when or if it will actually happen. We have been in contact with the HSE and the Minsiter for Health – but got no response.

For medical cardholders the charge was due to be decreased from €2 to €1.50 for each item.

The maximum payable is €20 per month per person or family.

For people aged over 70, the prescription charge from July is supposed to be €1.00 per item, (reduced from €1.50) . There is a maximum fee of €15 per month per person or family.

Non-Medical card holders pay the full cost of prescriptions – but there is a scheme that caps expenditure at  €124 per month per family. (As part of Budget 2020, this monthly maximum will reduce to €114 from September 2020.)  . Drugs Payment Scheme

History of Prescription Charges in Ireland

Before 1 January 2018, the €2 per item charge applied for people over 70 ….but for those under the age of 70 the charge was €2.50 per item up to a maximum of €25 per month. In Budget 2018 the €2.50 charge was cut to €2

Prior to January 2013 Medical Card holders in Ireland didn’t have to pay anything for prescriptions.
From Jan 2013 the government introduced a charge of  €1.50 per item. (capped at €19.50 per month per family).

The government increased charges from €1.50 per item to €2.50 per item in Dec 2013.
They also increased the monthly cap on prescription charges for a family from  €19.50 to €25 (with medical card).

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