M50 Toll Charges Increasing From January 2013

M50 toll charges are going up by 10c from January 1st 2012. The 10c increase applies to all  journeys with a toll tag , with video registration and for  vehicles not registered with eFlow.
The €2 rate for toll tag trips will now be €2.10  – an increase of  5%
The €3 charge for non registered vehicles is only going up by 3.3% and the new rate is to be €3.10.

For someone using the M50 twice a day , five days a week – this increase will cost them an extra €52 a year.

The only rates that are going up by 20c are for the €6.10 rates which will rise to €6.30 (Heavy lorries)

Penalties for late payment are also going up.
If you’re not registered with eFlow and you don’t pay your toll payment before 8:00pm the following day – a penalty charge of €3.00 will be incurred. This is unchanged.

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After  a further 14 days, an additional late penalty of €41.00 (formerly €40.00) will be incurred.

Failure to pay this outstanding amount after a further 56 days will result in an additional late penalty charge of €102.50 (formerly €100.50).