House Buyers Face Increased Land Registry Fees

Increases in Land Registry Fees in Ireland

House buyers will have to pay out more  money to the state –  because of increases to Land Registry fees that came into force on December 1st .  Buyers with a mortgage purchasing an average priced house will have to pay an extra €275 in land registry fees  . The fee to register a mortgage has risen from €125 to €175 and land registry fees have risen by as much as 60%

This rise in fees comes into force just before the removal of mortgage interest relief   – which will see first time buyers losing out on an average tax relief of €1000 a year . See Mortgage Interest Relief  Changes Here

If the government are hoping for a boost to the housing market – these extra costs will not help much. The new property tax from July could also put some people off buying – but it might also bring house prices down.

Examples of the increases to land registry fees when buying a house with a mortgage : (includes mortgage registration charge)

Buyers of a house priced between  €51,001 and €200,000  will see fees rise from €500 to €775  – an increase of  55%  !

Houses bought for between €200,001 and €255,000  will incur land registry fees of €875 (currently €500)  – this is an increase of  75% !

Houses priced from  €255,001-€385,000 :   old fees €625 ,  new fees €875 = 40% increase.

Houses priced from €385,001 – €400,000 ;  Old fees 750, new fees € 875 = 16.6% increase

Houses priced over € 400,000:  Old fees €750 , new fees €975  = 30% increase.

Land Registry fees have not been increased since 1999.