Lists of Unfinished Estates for Property Tax

The list of properties on so called Unfinished Estates – that will be exempt from the Property Tax for 2013 until 2016 has  been released. There are significantly less properties on the Property Tax list than there were for the Household Charge.

The Dept. of the Environment estimate that there are 5000 exempt properties in 421 estates or developments on the 2013 list .
By comparison there were about 1320 estates containing about 40,000 houses on the 2012 list. so that’s around 35,000 houses that will now have to pay for the first time .

As well as there being less unfinished estates – this time they have selected specific areas within some estates  that they class as being in an unfinished area. So – you could have a road or estate where one end is liable for the property tax while houses at the other end are exempt. There are links to detailed maps in the  links listed below.

Unfinished Estates by County

Carlow Unfinished Estates
Cavan Unfinished Estates
Clare Unfinished Estates
Cork Unfinished Estates
Donegal Unfinished Estates
Dublin Unfinished Estates
Galway Unfinished Estates
Kerry Unfinished Estates
Kildare Unfinished Estates
Kilkenny Unfinished Estates
Laois Unfinished Estates
Leitrim Unfinished Estates
Limerick Unfinished Estates
Longford Unfinished Estates
Louth Unfinished Estates
Mayo Unfinished Estates
Offaly Unfinished Estates
Roscommon Unfinished Estates
Sligo Unfinished Estates
Waterford Unfinished Estates

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You can view the  full list of unfinished estates and houses  here – it’s in County order alphabetically. Don’t blame us for the quality – it’s provided  by the Dept. of Environment and is just a scanned copy of a paper document – so you can’t search for text.


You can find out more here about the  Household Charge Unfinished Estates Here – but those  lists were only valid for 2012.

9 thoughts on “Lists of Unfinished Estates for Property Tax

  1. Nothing has changed in my estate (Dorrins Strand, Sligo) since last year and yet somehow we are now considered to be a finished estate?

    Can this be explained?

    We have unfinished roads and houses still.
    Our estate has not been handed over to the County Council.

    • It’s hard to see what they have done. I think they have just redefined what they class as unfinished so there are less exempt houses. I bet they wish they never came up with this exemption in the first place !

    • SO let me tell you a story, the galway county council come to our estate in Loughrea, unknowing to all here. They pass it as safe, according to there requirements. So I venture in weeks later with pictures, and ask for something to be done about my neighborhood. (This is after its being passed as safe by council)
      They tell me it was passed as safe, so I decide calmly to present the photos and ask how in all the powers that are, can this be considered as safe?

      They agreed, and now they are sending last chance letters to the builder. Its funny for the builder is a all right dude, full of ***** like the others only you know his hands are tied.
      All according to him is gone to n.a.m.a and Bank of Ireland are doing a trial with our neighbourhood of managing the loan.

      Anyway long story short, this country is in the shitter, and each day the ones that represent us, dump on us more. Why the hell nothing is done, when everyday we are being robbed in plain sight and say nothing.

      ” Why did you rob that house?”
      ” I made mistakes in my life, and needed the money.”
      “Did you think about the people you robbed?”
      “O, thats ok, you may continue”

      We must do something soon, as a people, I wish some dude, with lots of money, made a campaign for the biggest protest ever, two months of marketing to get us all just to stop. Make it seen all over the world,
      Lets hope I win euro vision on friday “)

      p.s. 21 dead houses, 17 living. 55.3% empty and we have now called to pay the tax.

      whats a polite way to say **** ***

  2. Mmmm our estate is far to be finished and the road is simply not done but our estate has been taken off that list as well…(Cluain Cairn in Carrigtwohill). Is there a way to contact whoever took this decision? Just in case they forgot Carrigtwohill as I cannot see any unfinished Estate in the Document for this town…we never know, they may have forgotten this little village….

  3. Even the delivery of the news from the Dept. is shambolic. A scanned document that looks like it was thrown together by a 4th year work placement student. And who knew about ITM coordinates? They published it, knowing people wouldn’t have a bulls. And with no attached explanation. I can’t access any map online showing what my coordinates are. Maybe its a busy time, but it seems it’s up to other sites such as these to provide links, rather than this clown-act government and their half-arsed publications. And don’t get me started on the tax itself.

    • Links to detailed maps have now been added to the lists . Follow the links to your County above

  4. To add insult to injury I received this charming one line email today from our local authority to inform me that our estate is not eligible for a maintenance grant for 2013

    Unfortunately your estate is not eligible for our Local Authority Estate management Grant!!

    Thats exactly what was sent. So we are ‘finished’ when it comes to having to pay the property tax but we are ‘unfinished’ when it suits them and therefore not eligible for the same benefits as other estates

    The mind truly boggles

  5. How do i find out the estate name of this – Development under PP ref. 06/466, Carrownacleigha, Coolaney????

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