Almost Half of All Property Tax Forms Issued

Figures provided by Revenue show that almost half of the  1.6 million Local Property Tax forms have been posted out.   As of 22nd March 714,470 LPT letters had been issued .

Although  the forms don’t have to be returned until May 7th and the valuation date is not until May 1st  (28th May for electronic) – some people have already returned them.

Revenue say that 5567 people have filed online and 1436 paper returns have also been returned .

There are reports of forms being addressed incorrectly  – but people need to be sure that a) if you get a letter and you are not the owner – you need to tell Revenue.
b) If you don’t get a letter and you are the owner – you should tell Revenue. They will get the tax off you eventually – and there may be penalties and interest to pay.

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