Unfinished Estates Exempt from Household Charge and Property Tax

Houses  in certain unfinished housing estates were  granted a waiver  from the Household Charge     in 2012

In March 2013  –  new smaller  lists of unfinished estates that are  exempt from the Property Tax were released  . See more here about the Property Tax 2013 Unfinished Estates Lists .

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Which Unfinished Estates were  granted a waiver from  the Household Charge ?

The government  decided that only homes on two categories of estates  qualified for a Household Charge waiver in 2012 – these were :-
Category 3 unfinished estates –  where  a receiver has not been appointed and the developer is still in place but is effectively inactive;

Category 4 unfinished estates –  where  the development has been effectively abandoned and is posing serious problems for residents.

There were  about 1320  unfinished estates in category 3 and 4 that were granted a waiver  from the Household Charge . We estimate that there could be as many as 34,000 completed houses and apartments on these unfinished estates. Owners of these houses will not have to pay the household charge ..

Note :owners  of homes on these estates were still  supposed to  register for the  Household charge and claim the waiver for 2012. If you didn’t register – you may be asked to pay the Household Charge and penalties – which will increase to €200 in 2014.  You can still log into the online Property Tax system on Revenue.ie and claim your waiver from the 2012 Household Charge

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The full lists of unfinished estates in the various counties  that were  granted a waiver for thr household charge can be found below ,….. these are all the category 3 and 4 unfinished estates.

 Household Charge Unfinished Estates 2012

We have been in touch with South Dublin Council – and they have confirmed that there were  no category 3 or 4 unfinished estates in South County Dublin Council area.