Home Insurance Price Comparison Ireland

If your home insurance policy is up for renewal –  you should always do a comparison with quotes from  other insurers  before you renew with your current insurer – you could save yourself quite a bit of money.

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The National Consumer Agency did a small comparison survey of home insurance premiums in August 2013.

They compared insurance quotes from 8 different insurers on 6 different properties.
Overall – Zurich Insurance came out the best with the lowest quote in half of the examples . Aviva ,FBD and Axa provided the lowest quote in 1 case each.

AIG seemed to be the insurer with the highest prices – they came out as the most expensive in two-thirds of the quotes. Aviva had the highest quote in 1 of the examples and RSA were the dearest in the remaining one. AIG also came out as the most expensive in a similar 2012 comparison.

The level of variation in the price of insurance was surprising. In one example for contents insurance the quote from AIG was over 4 times higher then the lowest quote from FBD (€389 compared to €88) .
On combined buildings and contents insurance there was one example of a  quote from AIG being 3 times more than the cheapest one from Zurich (€545 v €184) .

The comparison mainly used direct insurers – but sometimes a broker might be able to get a better deal for you.

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