ESB – Electric Ireland Price Increase in October

ESB have confirmed they will be increasing Electricity charges by 14% from October  1st 2011 . The ESB dropped prices back  in April – undercutting both Airtricity and Bord Gais.
Our recent comparison of Electricity prices showed that after the latest Bord Gais electricity price increase –  ESB were the cheapest for electricity.
If both ESB and Airtricity increase prices by the same amount-  then ESB will still have the lowest price for electricity.
Check back here  in October when all the tarrifs have been published to see who is the cheapest  then.

Airtricity recently announced plans to increase gas prices by 21 per cent and electricity prices  by 12 per cent from the end of September.

Bord Gais are also increasing gas prices in October by 22% . (They have already put up Electricity prices in July  by 12 %

Flogas is the only energy supplier that have not announced price increases – but we are sure they won’t be long.