Aldi best for Washing up Liquid and Orange Juice

With many of us trying to cut our spending – more people are probably thinking of trying the budget supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl. Prices of own brand products in these shops can be a lot cheaper than the top name brands – but are they any good?
A couple of recent surveys in the UK by Which  –  resulted in Aldi coming out top.
Aldi  won a tasting test on orange juice – which included top brands such as Tropicana. The Aldi Del Rivo orange juice with bits (£1.29)  scored  top mark of 73% and # Tropicana Pure Premium Original with juicy bits (£2.20) was  at  71%.

Another test on washing up liquids by the same organisation – resulted in Aldi’s Magnum Premium Original (59p for 500ml ) beating Fairy Liquid ((£1 for 433ml) to top position.