How to Cut Your House Insurance Costs

The latest price comparison on house insurance in Ireland by the financial regulator was carried out in February 2011  . The survey of house insurance quotes did not include brokers.   See the latest articles on Home Insurance

The Regulator requested  quotes from 9 insurance companies on 8 different  properties.  As usual the survey  shows that you can save substantial amounts on  insurance costs by shopping around.

In one example – there was difference in price of almost 100%  between the highest and lowest quote  . The  4 bedroom semi-detached house in Westport, Co. Mayo.  with a rebuilding cost of  €160,000 and  contents worth €80,000..
The lowest  quote for house insurance (buildings and contents) was from  Allianz at €370 a year. The most expensive  quote was for €730 at Chartis Direct . (Almost double the price !)

The same Westport house without a smoke alarm or burglar alarm resulted in insurance quotes ranging from €883 to €452.  The Allianz price increased from €370 to €452 – an increase of €82 a year.

Insurance quotes on a 4-bedroom detached house in Co. Kilkenny with a  rebuilding cost of €210,000 and the contents  worth €70,000.  –  ranged from €276 at Aviva to  €695 at Chartis .

Out of the 8 insurance quotes  Getcover were cheapest for 3 of them,  Allianz and Aviva were cheapest for for 2 of them and  Quinn direct was the cheapest in just one