Credit Union Current Accounts

Thirty Four of the larger Credit unions in Ireland now offer a current account since it was launched in October 2019. This means they can try and compete with banks for day-to-day banking services.

The current account can be used like any bank’s current account for receiving salaries, setting up direct debits and standing orders. You can operate the account online and using a mobile app. It comes with a Mastercard debit card.

Credit Union Current Account Charges

There is a monthly Account Maintenance Fee of €4 charged quarterly ( €12 per quarter).

There is also a 50c charge per ATM withdrawal if you exceed five withdrawals per month.
All other day to day transactions are free.

A Credit Union current account is not the cheapest available – so it is hard to see too many people switching over to the Credit Union from their existing bank unless they already have a savings account with the Credit Union.

You can compare the Credit Union current account charges with other banks in Ireland here: Current Account Charges in Ireland

Some of the Credit Unions offering current accounts include :
Comhar Linn Credit Union
Core Credit Union
Dubco Credit Union
Athenry Credit Union
Douglas Credit Union
First South Credit Union
Cara Credit Union
Waterford Credit Union

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