Which Electricity Supplier has the best Satisfaction Ratings ?

In 2016 a customer satisfaction survey was carried out on Electricity suppliers in Ireland by the Commission for Energy Regulation  (CER) .  The survey just involved the top 5 suppliers of domestic household electricity.

Bord Gais Energy came top in this customer satisfaction survey with 91% of Electricity customers saying they were satisfied overall.
Not far behind – in joint second place – all with  89% – were Electric Ireland, Energia and SSE Airtricity.
In last place was PrePayPower with 85%.

With such close satisfaction ratings – there doesn’t really seem to be a vast difference between the customer service levels of the different suppliers.  The main reason for swtching Electricity supplier has got to be the price. You will still get exactly the same electricity down the same wires , through the same meter. It is just the the administration of the billing system that changes – and the price.

You can check out which supplier has the best deals for switchers on our Electricity Price Comparison page. You will see that if you have never switched supplier before – you could easily save around €200 over 12 months by switching to the best deal.

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