Child Benefit for 4th Child to be cut in January 2014

Budget 2014 (back in October 2013) did not make any more cuts to Child Benefit  – but we need to remember that there is still a cut on the way for some families in January 2014 .
In Budget 2013  (back in Dec 2012) it was announced that child benefit would be set at  €130 per month for all children.
Currently (2013)  it is €130 a month for each of the first three children but the rate for the 4th and each subsequent child is €140.

This €140 rate is being cut by €10 a month from January 2014 to €130   – so a family with 4 children will see a €10 a month fall in Child Benefit . A family with 5 children will have a cut of €20 a month child benefit.