Carbon Tax on Solid Fuels

From this Wednesday May 1st 2013 there will be carbon tax charged on solid fuels such as coal , turf and peat briquettes.

Carbon Tax on coal will be charged at the rate of €26.33 + VAT per tonne  (This rate is applicable to Coal, Anthracite, Smokeless Mixes, Ovoids, and Lignite).

The carbon tax will be charged on Peat products at the rate of €18.33 + VAT per tonne of Briquettes, and €13.62 per tonne of Sod Peat.

All these carbon tax rates on solid fuel will be doubled in May 2014

The new tax (which is already charged on heating oil and gas)  will increase the price of a 40kg bag of coal by  about €1.20. Peat briquettes will increase by about 40c a bale.

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  1. Thankfully the Green party are no more but in the event you hear of elderly people dying of hypothermia next winter,spare a thought for the leaders of that hateful party,tucked up nice and warm in their big energy efficient houses retired from public life and on great pensions.

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