BE Energy Ireland

BE Energy launched in Ireland in April 2017 – and are one of a growing number of  Electricity providers for households in Ireland.

BE Energy is part of a Northern Ireland company called Budget Energy who have been operating in the North since 2011 .
In May 2020 – Flogas Ireland announced the acquisition of Budget Energy. For now – BE Energy is operating separately – but Flogas has confirmed it will eventually integrate BE Energy into Flogas .

At their launch, BE Energy had adverts and promotional material stressing that they have the lowest standard rate and the lowest standing charge .
We have included BE Energy in our Electricity price comparison which we update regularly.

They have reduced prices for new customers in June 2020 and are one of the cheapest options for switching electricity.

For someone switching from Electric Ireland who is on standard rates – BE Energy does not come out as the cheapest when you compare prices over the first year.   See the Electricity Price Comparison figures here

More competition is always a good thing and should help to keep prices lower . If you do switch energy provider – our advice is to look again at what is on offer after 12 months and don’t hesitate to switch again to save money.  Most of the energy suppliers are giving discounts or cashback to switchers – so you may as well take advantage of them ! After all – they all supply exactly the same electricity.

Check Your Cheapest Energy Supplier

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