Cashback Mortgages In Ireland

Most of the mortgage lenders in Ireland are still offering incentives such as cashback mortgages to try and attract new customers.
In many cases – cashback mortgages will not come with the lowest interest rates – however, there is nothing to stop you from switching your mortgage to a lender with a better rate after you get the cashback. Just watch out for any potential penalties for ending a fixed-rate mortgage early.

  • Haven is offering €5000 cashback ; only to new customers getting a fixed-rate mortgage over €250,000. (Excluding the 4 year Green Mortgage). Switchers to other Haven mortgages can get €3000 cashback.
  • Bank of Ireland offers up to 3% cashback with no upper limit – (2% when you drawdown and 1% after 5 years)   It is available to all new mortgage customers including Buy to Let and switchers. (Ends 31st December 2023)
  • EBS also has a cashback offer – which is 2% upfront and an extra 1% after five years.  This offer is available to all new EBS customers, home buyers and mortgage switchers. Not available on Green 4 Year Fixed Rate or on any Variable Rate or 1 Year Fixed Rate.
  • PTSB also offers 2% cashback lump sum for all new customers and 2% off the monthly repayments back until 2027. Excludes 4 year fixed rate mortgage) . Switchers need to have been with their current lender for at least 2 years.
  • AIB gives €3000 cashback to switchers.
  • Avant gives 1% cashback

The banks don’t have any clawback conditions on the cashback – so you are free to switch mortgage lender again as soon as you want. However – some lenders require you to have been with your current lender for a certain amount of time before switching.

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Multiple Cashback Mortgages

It couls be possible to get several cashback mortgages one after another.
For example – you could move a  €300,000 mortgage to Bank of Ireland and then EBS and finally Haven .
The total cashback on these 3 switches would be

  • BOI €6000
  • EBS €6000
  • Haven €5000

A total of €21,000 cashback on a €300,000 mortgage.

With legal fees for the 3 switches estimated at €4000 – the “profit” will be in the region of €17,000. If all the switches go smoothly it could all be done in less than a year.

It might need a few hours of effort and form filling but the financial rewards will far outweigh the time you have to put in. Even if it takes say 20 hours in total – and you get €17,000 – it’s not a bad hourly rate ! (€800 an hour).

Obviously, on a smaller mortgage, the profit will not be as big.

All the cashback payments are tax-free.

Tips For Switching Mortgage

  • Get a solicitor and tell them your plans to make sure they are OK with doing it. They should charge a lower rate for multiple switches.
  • Apply to all the lenders at the same time – the mortgage offers will be valid for at least 6 months.
  • PTSB will require you to have been with your current lender for 2 years – so switch to them first if you are using them
  • Make sure the final switch is to the lender with the best interest rate.
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  • It is advised for all but the last switch to go for a variable interest rate. The rate might be higher – but you will not be on it for long. If you opt for a fixed rate there is always the chance that there could be an early repayment penalty.

Legal Fees

You should use the same solicitor for all the switches – and tell them beforehand what you are planning to do and make sure they will co-operate. Some solicitors might not want to do it – but it is all completely legal. A solicitor should be able to give a reduced price for 3 or 4 switches in such a short time span. We estimate legal and valuation fees should not cost more than €4000 for 3 switches.

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