Household Charge Ireland -The Details

The  Household Charge –  came into force in Ireland on January 1st 2012.   It only lasted a year and has now been replaced by the Local Property Tax.
Most owners  of residential property in Ireland were liable for the household charge on each residential  property they owned  as at 1st January 2012. Home owners who lived outside Ireland were also expected to register for and and pay the charge. The 2012 Household Charge amount was set at a flat rate of  €100.

From July 1st 2013 the Household Charge rose to €200 and is to be collected by Revenue along with the new  Property Tax . Read more here about Unpaid  Household Charge and  Property Tax

No Household Charge was due for 2013 . The Household Charge is now  replaced with a Property Tax from July 2013 – read more about Property Tax in Ireland

One Hundred Euro Household Charge

Under the Household Charge legislation- owners of residential properties were  required to make a declaration of liability and to pay the household charge by 31 March 2012

No bills or invoices  for the household charge were sent out – the charge was on a self declaration basis.

The definition of a residential property included  – houses, maisonettes, flats, apartments and , bedsits.  So – the owner of a building split into 5 bedsits was liable for five lots of Household Charge.

A  residential building is liable if it is occupied, or suitable for occupation.

Mobile homes are not classed as residential property and were not liable.
Tenants did not have to register for the Household Charge.

A property  which was let to more than one tenant with  exclusive use of a bedroom for each person and joint use of common areas was only be liable for one Household Charge

Registration and payment of the Household Charge  can no longer  be carried out online on the  website.

The  Household Charge applied  to properties on which NPPR was also being paid. More about NPPR here

The following  exemptions from the Household Charge applied:

The following buildings  are not defined as  residential property and were not  liable for the household charge :  Buildings that are …

• Part of the trading stock of a business and from which no income has been derived since the building’s construction, and  has never been used as a dwelling.

• vested in certain public authorities (including property where households are purchasing their homes under the Shared Ownership Scheme and where the local authority still retains an ownership stake)

• owned by voluntary housing bodies;

• wholly used as dwellings and liable for commercial rates

An owner of a residential property was exempt from the household charge if , on the liability date, the residential property was:

• Comprised in a discretionary trust;

• Owned by an approved charity;

• Vacated by the owner by reason of long term mental or physical infirmity. (long term is more than 12 months)


The following households had the charge waived :

1. Those in receipt of mortgage interest supplement –  (only about 18,000 households) (not to be confused with mortgage interest relief !)

2. Those in certain  unfinished housing estates (Estimated to be less than 1300 estates) :   – which will be on a list prescribed by the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government. (See List of  Unfinished Estates Here).

People claiming a waiver still needed to register for the household charge and claim the waiver.

More about Household Charge Waivers  Here.

Selling Your House : A vendor of a residential property must  pay  any household charge, late payment fee and late payment interest due on the property and give a certificate of discharge, exemption or waiver in respect of each liability date during the vendor’s ownership to a purchaser on or before the sale or transfer can be completed.

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  1. I have been abroad for the last 21/2 years and my estranged husband was living in my house for the duration whilst going through divorce proceedings which have now been settled and he is moving out at the end of this month. I was unaware of the property tax until this week and am trying to find out if my house was registered for the household charge and if it was paid in 2012. (its possible he did it as he thought he was staying in my house long term) Can you advise of the relevant government department to contact to see if this was paid or any other way to get the information. (don’t speak to the ex anymore)
    Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. I pay the NPPR tax and likewise just heard from friends and locals there was another tax to pay. I’ve just Googled “tax in Ireland” to find out. There was no formal notice given. So I looked it up on the net. Now I see that its a 100 euro interim tax per year -until its worked out properly- their words on the site and not mine.
    The implementation of this tax is so shabby. In these uncertain times its such a shame.

  3. Is it too late for me to pay my housecharge on line and how can go about it

  4. I live in the UK but own a home in Kerry, I gladly pay NPPR and am happy to contribute, so saying I am disappointed to have to pay twice (in effect three times since NPPR is double), and even more unhappy that the NPPR data base has not been utilised to warn those of us based abroad of our new liability! Or am I wrong and need only pay NPPR?


    • Richard – I agree – you’d think they would let overseas owners know about it if they are already paying nppr.
      As you suspected – you are liable for both charges on your home in Kerry .

      • Thanks, I’ve paid the tax, but feel aggrieved to have incurred a penalty through the Governments poor communication rather than through any deliberate intransigence on my part!


  5. Hello, I am on a disability payment of 118.00 euro per week and am in the process of selling my house as I am unable to maintain property and overhead expenses. Must I pay the property tax? Anne Doyle.

    • Hi Anne – The following households will have the charge waived :

      1. Those in receipt of mortgage interest supplement – (about 18,000 households)

      2. Those in certain unfinished housing estates (Estimated to be less than 1300 estates)

      So if you’re getting the mortgage supplement you won’t have to pay, but if you’re only in receipt of other benefits, you will.

      Hope this helps


  7. Are all homes in the Rental Accomodation Scheme liable for the NPPR or just homes from 2012 on?

  8. Both my parents have passed away and their homeis vacant. The probate is not through yet- Do I have to pay the charge

  9. Above says residential property is liable if occupied or suitable for occupation – but I can not find that on the official web site, where does this come from? We own a second house that has no roof, no electricity, no water etc – are we liable to pay or not?

    • Karin – if it has no roof and no water it is not suitable for occupation and is exempt. You do not need to register or pay

  10. i bought on jan 15 2012 do i have to pay or am i exempt as i did not own the property on date of liability

    • John — The owner of the property on Jan 1st was liable
      But – If you bought it off a builder/developer and it was a new build and not previously occupied – then it was exempt on Jan 1st .
      Either way – you don’t need to register as liable until next year.
      Your solicitor should have checked this out for you

  11. we purchased in dec 2007 – in jan 2012 budget claimed we are exempt, is this correct?

    • MAry – I don’t know why you think you are exempt because of when you bought your house.
      You might be confusing it with something else – maybe mortgage interest relief ?

  12. I have been informed that by not registering for the household charge you can’t be held liable as you are not consenting to the statute. If you need a certificate of discharge before you can sell the property, how do you receive one given that you have never consented to the charge?

    • Keith – you have been misinformed. The government do not need people to consent to a Statute in order for it to apply to them.

    • It depends on how many homes he owns – but he will be liable for €100 on each of them.

  13. Why is it called a household charge when only privately owned property owners have to pay. It should be called the private house owners tax

  14. A lot of new estates are not serviced by the county councils in terms of street cleaning, lighting, planting, cutting of grass in green areas, etc and we pay management fees, usually somewhere near €1000 per year, for these services and others (scandalous I know but thats another story!!) so why should we be paying another charge to fund the county councils when their refusal to maintain our estates has resulted in us already paying for these services that they are providing to others?

  15. This charge is supposed to be for libraries, street lighting & planting etc, I live out the country and do not avail of any of these services.
    I also own a second property & I already pay the €200 NPPR charge and management fees on the property and now a further €100 household charge and it’s impossible to get a tenant!

  16. Hi I am a landlord and I have paid the household charge on my property but have since discovered that it is exempt because it is on the list of unfinished estates. How can I claim my money back ??

  17. Do people that have bought a property with the county council have to pay this tax? I have bought my home with south dublin county council’s property path???

  18. I think people who have it served too them on a platter should pay the most taxes.

  19. So, if someone has a house and is paying a mortage on it.The bank owns this house until the mortage has been repaid in full and holds on to the deeds..Yes? NO?

  20. If the government want money from people then they should send out and invoice/demand stating what this charge covers.
    We already pay for refuse collection. The upkeep of secondary roads is a disgrace and there is no street lighting in rural areas, so what exactly is this money going to.

    In England you pay a council tax which covers all the above and more plus fire services, Ambulance and policing. I don’t think I have seen a Garda officer where I live. Admitedly the costs are far greater there, but the council sends out a demand, here they are asking you to self declare ??? does this mean we are paying a voluntary amount of €100?

    Wasn’t there someting in the news about it is not legal because the policy has not been issued in Irish? not sure on this. And isn’t there also going to be a charge for septic tanks as well??

  21. I already pay commerical rates, 1,000 a year, is it fair that I should have to pay another 100 for the same infrastucture to the local area?? ..

  22. People just think of whats come out of the Mahon Tribunal,It was Berties private Island and he did as he pleased 15 yrs and 250 million just to be told that he was lying’sure every dog on the street knew he was lying.He f….d this country up with the help of his cronies and were expected now by the present government to take the rap.Will any of them go to prision DONT THINK SO yet were being told by BULL HOGAN on the property tax if we dont pay up we will be fined or jailed. We have to make a stand otherwise we may give up and take it.SUPPORT THE NON PAYMENT OF THE PROPERTY TAX.

  23. So:
    – if you bought a house and paid thousands & thousands in stamp duty just a few short years ago, you still have to pay the household tax;
    – if you bought a second property for investment (in order not to depend solely on a pension in retirement years), paid stamp duty on that house, pay the yearly NPPR tax, you still have to pay an additional tax–the household tax–for that house, which leads me to:
    1) why do landlords have to pay two taxes–the NPPR and household tax; and
    2) why do landlords have to pay the household tax that is being broadcast as a tax to pay for the local amenities used by all citizens including tenants. Why don’t the tenants pay?

    Yes, like they said on PrimeTime last night – the taxpaying citizens of this country have become an ATM/bank link for the government. We have a young family, didn’t overspend in the Celtic Tiger years, tried to prepare for the years ahead with a retirement investment (and didn’t lose the head buying up loads of properties we couldn’t afford), we pay for Health Insurance, we pay our tax, we pay the NPPR, we’ve paid so much in stamp duty for our private residence and then for our buy-to-let, that we won’t be paying the household tax now. If the government comes up with a logical property tax that will take into account the stamp duty homeowners have paid, I will gladly pay the household/property tax when my stamp duty has been accounted.

    It’s time people stood up to the government. We’re not shelling out for any more of their mistakes–past, present or future. They need to get it together. We need to stand together and just say no.

    • I cant belive you dont wont too pay the household tax,its because of the government that certain individuals who work hard for there country get mortgages and 012 vehicles why shouldnt you pay the household tax,im on benefits for the past 15 yrs do you honestly think that i dont want a new car and mortgage and too move off the low income band of taxes.All those nice things youve got and you still dont give a dam about low income families i think you should be ashamed of yourself.

  24. Unfair that people in unfinished housing estates are exempt, they have still bought there house and is suitale for occupation.

  25. I lost my life savings to property,still paying the stamp duty back to the banks, WONT BE PAYING ANYMORE TAX

  26. Does lone parent with mortgage have to pay this crazy amount. Live in the country where there are no such amazing services as stated above. What are country dwellers paying for i would like to know? fresh air?

    • No Marty – there are no exemptions based on age or income. (Apart from those on Mortgage Supplement)

  27. We own a business and live above it. It’s all the one building and I think it’s down as a commercial premises. I still can’t figure it out and I know if I ring and ask the powers that be, they will tell us to pay regardless!

  28. I have a place which I haven’t been to in 2 yrs. Its got electricity, my own water from a well. A bog for a driveway, BUT… I gutted the place in 2010.The place isn’t habitable to any degree of comfort or decent living standard-no beds, concrete floors throughout. Just a roof over a damp doer bungalow
    Do I have to pay??

    • The legislation just states tha tif it is suitable for occupation it is liable for the household charge.
      There are no hard and fast rules about suitability.

  29. another reason not to buy a house in ireland we even have a tv tax here my freinds laught in usa when i tell them that then you pay for trash pick up i will vote sinn fein next time

    • You think Sein Fein are going to abolish council charges for refuse collection? Good luck. Its part of local services and its only right if you want your own filth taken away you pay for it. You don’t go to the dump with your refuse and dump it for free do you? I douth it very much. In the country the council’s don’t collect refuse there are private companies for that and they still have to be paid for it as at the end of the day they are all business’s

  30. I still don’t understand how I’m supposed to know about these things. How do other people get to know? I am going to my house for the first time in April, having bought it last December. There is no internet at the house. How would I have known if I hadn’t spoken to this friend of mine? How can I check that they haven’t invented anything else?

  31. From what I gather, this is a voluntary thing? How am I supposed to know about these sort of things? I live in Holland and only go to Ireland very occasionally. I heard of this by coincidence while talking to a Dutch friend. How are you supposed to find out? What happens next week when there’s a shoe tax on brown shoes? Arrive in bare feet just in case?

  32. Learn from the UK experience. From those who looked with envy at your simple income tax system.

    1) You will pay this tax with money that has already been taxed.

    2) You will provide a guaranteed income for the fat cat bureaucrats without their needing to work to manage the economy to provide employment for you.

    3)Low corporation tax may attract the big boys but it won’t matter if all the work is outsourced.

    4) You were encouraged to get ensnared in the big house trap. It provided loads of easy, easy tax with every house purchase. Now that bubble’s burst, they need a means of taking your money. So, you’ve got a fine house now, they can take – and keep on taking- megabucks from you.( Council/property tax here doubled from 1997 to 2007 – and that was in the ‘good’ times).They’ll make it sound, through the graded scale, as if they’re attacking the rich to provide services for the rest, but all the tax actually ensures is that the salaries and pensions of the non-productive elite stay gold-plated. And, if you dare suggest they moderate their demands, they’ll see it as their right to sell off chunks of your local heritage property and cut the proper jobs on the frontline – starting with school crossing ladies!

    5) Just imagine how much of your money will be spent setting up this system – even though they’re getting you to do half the work for them. The UK had the old rates databases in place and it still cost a fortune. Once this tax is there it will never go.

    6)Just as an aside, be careful too of handing over control of your water entirely to private companies. In the UK, the conglomerates who own utilities see nothing contradictory in telling consumers (even in the wetter, western side of the country) that they must not water crops, while they themselves seek to drain reservoirs in order to build houses or create rubbish tips – anything to gain a quick buck towards another c£188 million profit.

  33. we sold our home because we couldnt afford the hike in the mortage,now we are going to have to pay out more expences,with this €100 crap,the BANK made a hugh mess of this country and now WE ALL are paying for ir.i just cant afford to pay it,

  34. If you publish the government’s bank account, sure we’ll all just have our wages paid directly into it, save them having to introduce stealth taxes. Does this new tax (Which, by the way, is apparently a statute law which cannot be enforced without the consent of the populus, and by registering to pay is giving consent thereby, rendering you liable to pay, this is the reason why the Government did not issue invoices, nor did they tell you this). If we do pay it, are we going to get our bins emptied, emergency services free, am I going to get street lighting in my area, am I going to get my road re-surfaced? somehow I don’t think so.

  35. I went to the bank today to ask them for a loan of 100 euro I told them it was to pay the household charge. They refused me the loan so sorry cannot pay it. A well I tried my best

  36. So do the unemployed have to pay this tax also? I lost my business with personally guaranteed debts of over €150,000 outstanding. The banks have me in court. Even though they are to blame for the collapse of my business they can come after me for the money they loaned me, knowing full well that I would have no way of paying them if the business went down. I have now been unemployed for 3 years…a soul destroying experience!!
    In spite of what you say re the use of this tax locally I believe it goes into the black hole that ultimately feeds the banks.
    We have to say NO. They can’t just keep taking and taking!

  37. So,the bunch of crooks who laughingly call themselves a government expect us to help to continue to bail out the Bankers with another Tax ?. Well, they can shove it !. I have absolutly NO intention of giving any more of my hard earned money to these crooks or there rich friends!.

  38. i pay NPPR as it is. why should i pay for house hold tax? when the clue is in the title: ‘HOUSE HOLD’. the people living in the house should pay it.

  39. The mother of my daughter’s friend in school killed herself at the weekend we found out she had money problems and was very depressed. So Enda Kenny’ Gilmore and company WAKE UP TO WHATS GOING ON IN THE THE COUNTRY while yee live in a cocoon lives are been lost because of your policies. PAY THE BONDHOLDERS BACK AT WHAT COST ENDA?

  40. We have been told that the household charge is supposed to be used by local authorities however I have been led to believe from a local councilor that the €100 is going into the general fund and is not going to the local authorities. Is this true?????

  41. ur headline says “the Household charge came into force”..just to correct u the Household charge only comes into force if the other party agrees/consents or by ignoring the letters they accept responsibility by their inaction…ie i do not consent therefore it did not come into force…it is a legislation/statute and a statute only becomes a force of law by consent or inaction, could you please advise the public on their choice…NO i didnt think u would

    • Declan – can you let us all know the exact sorce of your information about statutes and consent . Can youalso let us know of any documented case where anyone in Ireland has refused to consent to a statute and has not been prosecuted ?


  42. I am impressed with the wording “The Houshold Charge is supposed” to be used by local authorities to…… Is that “supposed” in case the monies get used for something else! “Up to now the Exchequer has contributed to the funding”.. And who contributes to Exchequer who contributes to the funding? Could that possibly be the tax payer or is there a Magic Exchequer Fairy (Germany!)who fills the coffers on their behalf with no input from the Irish tax payer!Not only can I not afford it and am struggling financially but putting penalties on late payments will not in my reality or magically for that matter make me have more money!

  43. We live in Midleton, Co. Cork, in Rockgrove Estate, built C1988. This estate has never been taken over by the Cork County Council because of cross connection of sewer and waste water systems by the builders. Should our residents be liable for this new charge? Are we not in the same boat as unfinished estates? Regards. Tony Moore, Rockgrove Residents Association.

  44. How are joint owners fixed where one of the owners is vehemently against paying it. I cannot claim ownership of the home for the purpose of this charge or any other reason for that matter and neither can the joint owner.
    Is there any provision where one of the owners can pay their portion of the charge.

    • John – the payment can only be made in full or not at all. Joint owners are jointly and severally liable. Either one can register and pay the charge .

  45. How do property owners living abroad find out about this charge? Will they also be penalised for a charge they maybe do not know about?

    • Hi Irene

      did you get an answer to this question? I have family abroad and we are confused as to how they were supposed to know about this if they don’t get a bill?

  46. The guide above is well laid out,however the statement that it will be €142 if one is 12 months seeme incorrect.I think it needs to be clarified.
    If on pays on 31st dec 2012 €120.00 If one is a further 12 months late one owes €130 + 1% penalty per month, probably 1.3% per month, probably €145.60. more if interest is charged as compound

    • I am really have no opinion on these taxes but I find it so surprising how people have questions like this in this day in age. If people can find this website to ask questions, I am sure they know how to search the internet!!

      • Stilll many areas in Ireland with no internet access. know many who still have no real idea about this.
        Call me oldfasioned but will not be paying without a bill

  47. URGENT

    Beacon South Quarter is not listed under the ‘unfinished developments’ list. This is obviously an error as we have been staring at 1 full block that has been left without exterior walls and, instead covered with a canopy.


    • John – we at moneyguideireland have no powers to amend lists of unfinished estates.
      Only certain categories of unfinished estates are on the lists – if yours is not on it then it looks like you will be liable for the household charge.
      The government minister has stated many times that the lists are fixed for 2012 and there is no appeal mechanism.

    • DONT REGISTER DONT PAY,, whether its unfinished estates or not,,1 day they will be finished and it wont be €100 then,,it will be 5-10times that,,thats why we need to stand up to these Armani suit bullies we elected to represent us

  48. made big effort to register household charges but alas failed to register and cannot see what the problem is i its enough paying the charges but having diffucilty with website is another issue .

    • Mary, I registered today without any difficulty and set up the direct debit. It took 5-10 minutes and without a hitch

    • dont register Mary ,,they are just bulling you and a few other people into paying a debt they let happen,,not just the last government ,,

  49. That’s bull***t, sure then what say do the people have in what laws govern us?
    A statute is MEANT to be:

    “A legislative rule of society given the force of Law by CONSENT of the GOVERNED”

    Simply being elected does not give the right to make up whatever laws you and yer other politician buddies want, (or whatever some “stronger” organisation than your own people want, i.e. european union)
    A position in government has been seen as power over the people for far too long, this can be clearly seen in the salaries they give themselves, and KEEP, in times of supposed “austerity” while they make up other laws that leave us to foot the bill (i challenge someone to justify their kind of pay, especially in our current economic climate.)
    It’s long overdue for the government, elected officials, potential elected officials (and a lot of the general public) to realise that we don’t serve the government, they serve us, and its not enough for elected officials to just say “ah sure we know whats best for you” and just because some of the population are under-informed, misinformed, and made complacent by propaganda and scare-mongering, doesn’t mean that the country and its people have consented to something, or indeed that they have to, thus, if a statute or law that affects the people is to be enacted or enforced, it should have to be put to referendum for approval (consent) by those it governs (us).

      • Brian – can you please tell us which bit of the constitution you think is relevant to the Household Charge.

  50. This household charge referes to anybody who owns a property. In other words the state is now tragetting all those and only those who decided to get up of their asses and buy homes to live in. We done the state a favour by not applying for local authority housing, yet we are now forcefully being made to pay for all the services those in local authority housing will get for nothing.In order to force people to pay the charge the state ( and we are supposed to be part of it)uses coercion to force people to pay this charge.If the government wants to bring in a property tax then make it apply to everybody including those who are in local authority housing accommodation. It would appear that our political leaders seem to think that people who hold mortgages are the same people who have money in great amounts. A family with a mortgage of €1400 each month are far away from a family in local authority house accommodationpaying €15-€45 for the privlidge of living in the house. In addition to low rent the same tenants get their bins collected free, will have no water charges, get medical cards and free bus travel and hold two fingers up to the police when they abuse others because nothing can be done to them as they are on social welfare. And we are now being forced to pay for the upkeep of local authority estates. There are genuine and law abiding people living in local authority housing and I would be quite sure that the same people are ashamed of those who live in their estates and treat their estates as if they were temporary housing camps.The same people would be only to willing to pay for the upkeep of their estates if only their local authority took responsibility for what goes on within those estates and evicted those who do not play by the rules.This household charge did not appear overnight, it was planned and executed over many years as local authorities handed over bin collection services to private collectors in anticipation of the introduction of this charge. What we now have is local authorities using their muscle to increase these charges as the years move along. Private colectors and suppliers will hold households to ransom by refusing to supply water services or collect rubbish if increasing charges are not paid. Politicians are now traitors of the Irish people. They have sold our counry out to the higherst bidders and have left us with nothing to call our own. And we must never forget about the Fianna Fail gang who got us into this mess in the first place. We must never forgive those who sold our country out and left our children with nothing else but to emigrate from this country.The so-called profesional people such as doctors, solicitors, judges and the rest of those we elected to take care of the interests of the Irish people sold the same people out in favour of their own financial security. Politicians who took big pensions when the heat got to much for them and then went into a self-imposed hiding so as not to draw attention to the many blunders they made on bahalf of the Irish people.
    Its time to get off the seat and make real protest.
    Walking the streets on a given day is not the answer, we tried it before and nothing came of those protests.

    Its now time to place a three to four person picket on the homes of every politician in Dail Eireann. Its time to hand them the same treatment they dish out to the people of this country. Its time to hound them at every oportunity and its time to call a stop to this madness.

    Politicians have had it too easy for too long from the Irish people. They used and abused their passive nature to turn this country into a banana republic. Bertie ran when the heat got too much for him , yet Bertie is paid a pension that would feed a number of families, a pension he earned by bringing the country to its knees. Thes are are our real patriots, our republic patriots who love ireland but f or the wrong reasons.
    Every person in every town and city throughout the country must look to where their political represetative holds his or her clinic and where they reside and those picket those places. Leaflets and posters must be see on every pole in every street throughout the country. Coversation mustbe heard from the lips of every person who these charges are now being directed.And those politicians and activists who oppose these charges must step up to the mark and be heard at every opportunity.

    We are now at war with our own government. It is now time for the people to organise and get ready for the final push.
    How much more must we take? When this household charge is full implemented what will be the next charge and the next charge. When will it stop? Enda and Eamon gave themselves a €50,000 and €12,000 increase without a single word of objection in the Dail chamber,yet Enda and Eamon want us to pay something we do not have to give…..more cash.
    The time for change is now.

  51. This consenting to a Statute is nonsense.

    You elect the Lawmakers- they pass statutes, they are representatives of the people and pass and accept the rule of law with the implied consent of the people. You do not then need express consent of everyone to obey every law.

    You have already consented to it by voting, even if you didn’t vote.

  52. Is this a Tax and therefore not tax deductable. Or is this another rates and therefore double taxation as there is an NPPR that does the same?

  53. surely this is double taxation if already paying NPPR on properties other than family home???

  54. Quote: No bills or invoices for the household charge will be sent out – the charge will be on a self declaration basis.

    Sure that can’t be legally right? Every other EU citizen gets a bill for household charges.
    I do also get bill for town council rates and water charges.

    • If this is the case, how can it be demonstrated that someone is aware of their liability?

  55. Is this true?
    “This household charge is a Statute, otherwise known as an Act of Government, and only carries the force of law upon you if you consent to it which means that you are legally obliged to pay IF you consent or, in other words, go on to and register. Your silence and inaction will also give the appearance of no consent. If you do not consent, a Statute cannot affect you in any way whatsoever.”

    • Rick – as we have pointed out before – this rubbish about needing to consent to a law is completely false. Many laws in Ireland are Statutes – and they apply to all citizens of the state.

      • “Rick – as we have pointed out before – this rubbish about needing to consent to a law is completely false. Many laws in Ireland are Statutes – and they apply to all citizens of the state.”

        Please point out to us again the reasons you have for stating that Rick’s quote is ‘rubbish’.

        The long-gone Land Tax was defeated by using this point (amongst others). What has changed in Irish law since then? Those ‘who consented’ and paid the Land Tax never got a penny back.

        We look forward to your considered response.

      • Nigel – similar arguments have been used in the UK about Council Tax. (Where there is a 97% collection rate) . Can you tell me one case in the UK where someone has been let off paying the Council Tax because they argued it was a statute and they didn’t consent to it.
        I don’t think you will find one.
        If Rick’s statement is true – then why do the Campaign Against The Household and Water Tax say it is not true ?

      • Thanks for your response – but we are concerned here with Irish Acts of Government and Statute and the force in Irish law.

        For you to insist that this particular Statute makes it illegal not to pay, then something must have changed in Irish law.

        What has changed – What is it?

        Should you not know then please say so and answers can be pursued elsewhere.

        Many thanks

      • Nigel – it might be easier for you to explain why the Household Charge doesn’t have to be paid?

  56. I wonder how the government intends to inform owners who are living abroad! if they don’t even manage to inform people within Ireland on time.
    Or is it the tenants duty to inform the abroad living landlord about this new tax???

  57. A number of friends in the age bracket (60 -70), who have no access to Internet, have yet to receive information about this charge. No leaflets/mailers/callers. How unfair that elderly people run the risk of having to pay penalties due to a poorly thought out and introduced system.

  58. PTSB variable rate at over 5%. House is costing me enough already. If the Government get my variable rate in line with the other state owned banks, I’ll pay the 100.

  59. I am currently renting at the moment, is it myself or my landlord that is liable to pay this Tax?

    • Karina – as it states in the article – Property Owners are liable for the Household Charge.
      If a landlord wants to try and raise the rent because of the charge – that will need to be agreed with the tenant. If you are mid-lease they can not put up the rent.

  60. Already paid my property tax by mean’s of stamp duty’I am not paying another red cent’ also lost a s**t load of my savings as my house is worth 50% less in value.

    • it says that it will be used for libraries and the likes and up until now the Exchequer has been funding it. but is the Exchequer not funded by our taxes anyway so its not like it a case that we pay 100euro and we get it back some other way, it’s just more tax…i’m not paying it. i’m in the same boat as you. house only worth maybe 120G at best but still have to pay 399G over the life of the mortgage for a single income household. no bl00dy way

      • David – you are correct. The funding to local government has been cut by 164 million for 2012. So the Household Charge money is to replace that.

  61. Smash the croke park deal and tie public sector pay with european poor states like our present selves.This crowd as well as the last will do anything but shoot the outrageously fat elephant!!! Equity loss is 70% in property over the last 5 years. What fool adds €100 to this at this time?

  62. My main irritation is that it has been assumed that everyone reads newspapers, listens to the radio or watches television. I have only just learnt of this tax by hear-say; i.e. NO bill is sent to our houses.
    However, when ever there is a General Election my postbox is stuffed daily with leaflets begging me to give them a vote!
    It is very under-hand and I am lucky to have heard about it mid-way through February!

    • Meyrick – you should be getting a nice glossy leaflet through your door some time soon !

  63. Can you clarify if providing your PPS is a requirement?
    i understood recently from a radio interview done by the Data Commissioner that a PPS can be requested but when it is relevant to the info required.
    Also why do they need to know if its mains or private source.
    Can’t they check with the address given?

  64. Hi,
    This charge is to pay for utilities etc which everybody uses.Fair enough. Why should local authority houses be exempt ,after all they have and use the same utilities and services that we do?????

    • Ray – I guess it’ sbecause the property owners are the local authority and they would end up paying the money to themselves !

  65. HI, I am not a resident of Ireland but I rent out property there, so am I liable to the tax?

  66. Could you please respond to Jay’s comment. I too have received the email outlined above and am looking for clarity.

    • Ger – I did reply to the original question.
      I said that the Citizens and residents of the State are bound by the laws of the State which are enacted by the Oireachtas. This is underscored by the Constitution of Ireland. There is no validity in the suggestion put forward that a person can opt out of a law of the State by not consenting to it.

  67. What about people who are over 65 with an income of less than €36,000-00 per annum, who are normally exempt from tax,income tax,dirt tax and levies.
    Are they also exempt from this tax.
    Response woud be appreciated,
    Regards, Raymond

  68. You do not appear to have answered the question. Is this a legal loophole or not? Do you know? Nobody is saying you can choose which laws to observe, merely that this, like any contract, needs to be agreed by both sides to be valid. If this is the case, then by not registering, you do not enter the contract. Can you confirm this?

    • Jay – There is no validity in the suggestion put forward that a person can opt out of a law of the State by not consenting to it.

      All this stuff about statutes and contracts and consent is circulated on facebook etc but it is absolutely NOT TRUE. The Campaign against the Household tax even says it is rubbish . They state ” – We are deemed to consent to the Household Tax because the government in power was elected and therefore from the legal perspective rules by consent. There may be other legal challenges to the Household Tax but this is not one.”

  69. This is an email i recently received;
    I’d appreciate if you could tell me if it is true?

    Household Charges – How to Legally Avoid paying it.

    How you don’t have to legally pay HouseholdTax!!- You wont get a bill because the charge is a statute. People need to understand this: A statute is a “legislated rule of society given the force of law by the consent of the governed ” (Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition). Who are those it governs? Us. the public.

    This household charge is a statute, otherwise known as an act of government and only carries the force of law upon you if you consent to it which mean that you are legally obliged to pay if you consent or in other words go on to the and register. Your silence and inaction will also give the appearance of consent. If you do not consent, a statute cannot affect you in any way whatsoever.

    The courts know this and the last thing they will do is tell you. In fact they will hide this from you at every opportunity they can. On the other hand, if you tell them, they will accept it because they know it is actually true. According to the above definitions a statutory instrument is a contract. If you register for this “charge” you are consenting to this statute ie: signing the contract. This is why the government are ASKING the people to register and not billing them instead.
    Now i’m wondering does this also apply to the septic tanks charges?

    thank you


    Also I slogged and slaved for a good number of years, living in a cold garage while building our house, getting nothing whatsoever from the government. I don’t see how they have the cheek to charge people to live in a home which is their constitutional right.

    if they stopped wasting taxpayers money the wouldn’t be broke now.

    They take a fair cut as tax from our wages (those that are working) Then they take even more from what is left, when we buy something. or use Fuel. Electricity. Gas Etc…

    • Eugene – All Citizens and residents of the State are bound by the laws of the State which are enacted by the Oireachtas. This is underscored by the Constitution of Ireland. There is no validity in the suggestion put forward that a person can opt out of a law of the State by not consenting to it.

  70. i will not be paying this under any circumstances.already payed 4pc stamp duty on my home,and these incompetetent gangsters wont get one more cent out of me.still hopping mad over usc charge and water charges on the way.absolutely effing fuming!!!!!!!!!

  71. The problem with this house-hold charge is that it is expected to increase with next years budget, based on the value of your property. 100euros this year is to entice as many people as possible to register. It could end up between 500 and 1000euros within a couple of years depending on your property valuation. Also in 2014 water tax is kicking off. I wont be register-ing

  72. What are we getting for this? I don’t mind paying if like UK if covered refuse collecting etc but not to bail out banks or developers who caused many of our problems.

  73. grossly unfair, we’ve completely lost control of ourselves.Will this increase in the future…when is enough enough.I find every month a struggle as it is.I bet not one government member have to worry about paying their bills at the end of every month!!!!!! A bloody disgrace!!!!!!!!!!

  74. How do people without computers manage to register or download forms if you are not sending out a Bill or Invoice
    perhaps an Advertisement on Television would help to give advice or a contact number for details

    • j.carpenter – thanks for the comment.
      Firstly – this site is nothing to do with the government – so “we” will not be sending out forms.
      Apparently – the government will be leafleting every house in the next 2 weeks – and they might even send a registration form too. That would make sense.
      Hopefuly they will have a few TV ads too – otherwise hardly anyone will be paying it !

  75. Am here helping my 89yr old mother fill up the house hold charge form. Think it is a shame to make elderly people , living on their own, in receipt of state pension, pay this tax. very unfair!

  76. Hi Moneyguide,
    I am happy to pay this household charge, even though I am a student who returned to education and spent the past five years re-educating myself to become a teacher. My question is as follows – I have been told that you have to supply your PPS no. when paying this charge. What is the reason for this? People have said that this is so the government can have further access to your personal information and access information about you without your knowing. Is this the case? Do you have to supply your PPS number? And if so, what is the reason behind this?

  77. I own a house that the tenant is in receipt of rent allowance, not only has her allowance been cut this month and she has requested areduction in her rent but I am expected to pay her household tax as well.This is on top of NRPT and PRTB charges. Surely this should be classed as a utility bill as with gas,electicity etc.The tenant should be liable for this tax.What is going to happen whenthese taxes are all amalgamated next year.

    • Gillian – the Household Charge is only payable by owners of property. It is a property tax really .

  78. We are currently paying the NPPR for a holiday home. The Council have disconnected the water to our estate as there is a leak. They are refusing to fix it as the estate (built 21 years ago) was not formally taken over by them and so have stated that the residents are responsible for fixing same. Two questions – why then should I pay NPPR? Can I claim exemption from the household charge as, without a water supply the house is not suitable for occupation?

    • Siobhan – I don’t think a temporary leak would be grounds for saying the home is not suitable for occupation.
      If it was disconnected on Jan 1st – you could try……. but you may need to keep proof and apply to the council for a certificate of exemption.

  79. Myself and my husband pay e1000/year in private maintenance charges for our estate. After recently being forced to leave our apartment and Ireland in order to pursue work and therefore rent elsewhere, we feel very frustrated to have to also pay NPPR charges of e200/year even though we only own that single property. Being asked to pay another e100/year for much of the same maintenance again is a joke. How does the government expect the downturning property market to improve when people like ourselves (in negative equity and rental income not covering costs) are being forced to a point of considering selling up now?

  80. If the Government actually collected our rubbish and gave us water like the old days, when rates were actually for those things, there wouldn’t be a problem paying this charge. Now we have to pay those things to private companies and we’re still getting charged by the Government. Btw, all this “planting” etc is done by volunteers in my area. I pay income tax and all the rest to fund libraries and fire services (which now cost 500euro for the 1st hour). It’s one big FARCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. I would like to know what will happen to people who refuse to pay the Household Tax.Will the Government rob it from ones income,pension or social welfare payment,or will they have to proceed through the courts?
    Does one not legally owe anything until a bill is received?

  82. How times have changed……“They Will Tax the Roof over Your Head” -Fine Gael anti Property Tax Leaflet 1994
    This tax will be a bit like VRT/Stamp Duty/Road Tax/Water Rates etc, a big black hole that nobody knowns where the money goes to.
    Btw regarding Water rates, I would have no problem money going toward fixing the approx.50% leak we have, I’m not too keen on a private company making a fortune out of meter installation etc. Look at the M50 Toll….was supposed to be untolled after it was paid for…..again a fat cat company got that one. Would you trust them?

  83. I pay the NPPR charge and Management fees for our estate. If the Council lifted the rubbish in this country from the roadsides, our parks and beaches I wouldn’t object to the charge.

  84. What infuriates me about this and the septic tank tax is that it is introduced by a Minister who told Aine Lalor on Morning Ireland that his”personal circumstances would not allow”him to take a tiny 10% voluntary pay cut in his TD salary.Yet those of us who have to make do on small pensions and have no access to E32k unvouched expenses annually are expected pay this tax in one lump sum.
    What about people who do not trust the banks with their few Euro?How can they pay by direct debit?
    Why can we not go to the local council office with 2 Euro every week?This would be convenient for many people.Because one is poor one has to pay penalties and fines for being in this position.Enda Kenny can force officials to pay his cronies obsene salary increases while making many vulnerable people homeless.

  85. Even mentioning the councils is an insult to our intelligence. It’s a tax to try and help cover the national deficit.

    its irrelevant where the money goes, confusing the matter with some sort of flim flam about helping the local community is frankly insulting. The government funds the councils, it will now replace some of that funding by using this new tax, therefore helping the central deficit.

    Don’t teat me like an idiot, just take the tax and make it perfectly clear what its for. (no doubt the advertising of this ‘help you local council’ nonsense is costing a few quid too.)

    Yours. Insulted Tax payer.

  86. I am living in a small estate in Wexford and we have to pay management fees of €300 a year to maintain the grass and services etc. as it has not been handed over to the local authority. This has not been done because the developers were supposed to put a tennis court in the green area of the estate as per the plans, as far as I’m aware?? The estate is nearly ten years old now. Why should I pay the €300 management fees for supposed services and then pay €100 household charge for more supposed services??can anyone shed light on this situation please.

    • Dave – blame the developers not the Council.
      The Household Charge is supposed to be a contribution to all council services – not just grass cutting.

  87. I’m just wondering, I bought my first house in 2005 and paid stamp duty. I sold it in 2009 and bought another house again paying stamp duty. Is this fair that i will have to fork out money every year now??? i can hardly afford my mortgage as it is and i’m not entitled to mortgage supplement.

    • Gavin – I am sure many people who paid stamp duty are thinking the same as you. But – there is no exemption relating to stamp duty. It would probably be very complicated to include that kind of thing in the short timescale imposed by the IMF and EU

  88. I accept that I have no choice but to pay the household charge for the house I live in, and I also pay the NPPR charge for my mother’s house who died in 2008. This is a property,which is empty since then….. that I can neither sell or rent!!! And now I’m supposed to pay the household charge for it as well????? How can that be fair?????? Surely an empty second property should be exempt from the household charge, especially since I’m already paying a tax on it in the form of NPPR??

    • Mary – I agree it does seem unfair to charge two taxes . They might sort it out when the full property tax system is in place ?

    • If the objective was was to be fair this tax would no be implemented. The objective is to bail out banks. If its for local authoritiy funding where is the document ringfencing it for that purpose?
      you pay to the government and not local authorities so it goes to bomdholders. Don’t be taken for a fool. I won’t be paying it.

  89. This rubbish of funding for Councils stinks. Every council in Ireland was bursting at the seams with Planners of one type or other in the days when lunacy in the building trade was the order of the day but these days there is not a house being built anywhere which clearly suggests that NOT ONE of these planners is required so get bloody rid of them. If most acted within the guidelines from 2000 to 2008 the mess that is the industry to day would never have happened.

  90. I own my house. I have my own water well and sewage tank, their is no street lights anywhere near me, iv paid stemp duty on the house when i bought it, so could someone please tell me what exactly am i paying 100e for???????

    • Jill The household charge will be used to help fund your local council. It will only make up a small amount of what they spend. The money will be used to fund the services of the local councils all over the country. It may not benefit you directly . The household charge money is to replace a drop in funding from central government. The drop in funding from the central government will help fill the big gap in the country’s budget defecit.

      • Jill an alternative, more accurate perhaps

        The social charge is being used to pay off the financial cartels, who having gambled and speculated for years now expect you to help pay their debts. They got the co-operation of the Irish politicians to do this, who rather than represent the interests of the people they claim to represent, looked after the interests of those who can promote them and who pay their campaign fees. He who pays the piper ………………..

  91. I am renting an apartment with my father from Dubln City Council. Do we have to pay the charge?

  92. Hi, our house is up for sale and has been for a while. Someone told me houses for sale are exempt but I do not see this anywhere in the exemptions so presume we have to pay? Would we be liable to pay again then on the new property were we to sell and buy in the same year?

    • CArol – the liability date is Jan 1st – so if you buy a house between now and JAn 1st 2013 – you will be liable for the new house from Jan 2013. If you buy after Jan 2013 – the seller should have paid the 2013 Household Charge.

  93. I am on jobseekers benfit of €136 and my husband get FIS because his wages is very low would I be exemptfrom the charges?

    • Yvonne – as it states in the article – the only income related waiver on the Household Charge is for people getting Mortgage Interest Supplement (on Jan 1st)
      If you are paying a mortgage – you should look into claiming it anyway . (Mortgage Supplement I mean)

  94. Hi, I am in a housing estate in laoise called clonroosk abbey, it is unfinished and still owned by the developers. It’s not on the list for exempt properties but do I still have to pay? And if so why? Also my dads property is owned by the council but he is buying it off of them, does he have to pay?


    • Amanda – If it’s not on the list you will not be getting the waiver.
      If your dad was a tenant on 1 jan 2012 – he will not be liable for 2012. If he owns it on 1 Jan 2013 – he will be liable for the 2013 Household Charge

  95. Is a new house that is unfinished inside and has never been lived in subject to the charge.

    • Tommy – the regulation state that a property is liable if it is suitable for occupation.
      If it is not suitable for occupation – you might want to obtain a cert of exemption from your local council to proove you are not liable.
      Contact your council to see what they will need off you. Let us know how you get on.

  96. If a couple are joint owners and one is in a nursing home, can they apply for an exemption? Thank you

  97. Ilive in a housing estate and included in my rent payments is upkeep of estate and lighting,the owners of the estate are Clanmill Ireland housing association..Because of this charge to Clanmill are they entitled to raise our rent to cover this charge put upon the body.

  98. I would like to know if you are not a resident in ireland and have a holiday homein ireland and pay the holiday home tax to pay a household tax is not applicable that would be paying two

  99. I’m currently building a house which should be completed during the year (July). Must I pay for it this year or do I begin paying it next year?

    • Hilary The liability date is Jan 1st. If the house was not occupied or suitable for occupation on that date – you will not be liable for the whole of 2012.
      You might want to enquire at your local council about getting a certificate of exemption from the Household Charge – you might need it if you ever come to sell.

  100. in the eyes of the law if i stop paying my mortgage the bank is intitled to claim the house back does this not mean that they are the home owner untill such a time as i pay back my mortgage also seen as so much of our tax money was pumped into the banks i think they can afford to take a hit of €100 per mortgage more so than the rest of us that taken hit upon hit on our ever dwindling wages.

    • Des ….The bank don’t own the property until they reposess it (if they go down that road)

      • either way the monies they claim that will fund other services such as fire stations and so on is wrong i believe this is a form of emotional black mail that some of the older generation will buy into. i firmly believe that the system is not transparent enough for where this money will be used i think cronyilism is still rife in our elected system. and only areas of interest to council members will be looked after

      • Des- the 0.16 billion (if raised) will just be distributed to local authorities instead of the current funding that the Exchequer dishes out each year.
        The Minister (phil Hogan) stated in the Dail that the total Local Government Fund in 2011 was €1.16 billion.
        This was made up of an Exchequer contribution of €164 million, and the proceeds of motor tax – about €998 million this year.
        Local authorities were allocated €790 million of it in 2011. About €398 million was taken out of the funds and spent by the Dept of Transport on the provision of roads and public transport infrastructure.
        That 790 million was only 29% of local authority spending – ( I suppose hey get money from rates rents and other sources)

        So – basically they are just replacing one source of funding (taxpayer) with another (household charge).
        The household charge money will be used towards all the local authority spending.

    • Tommy – the government have not kept it simple – the legislation states that the following buildings are exempt
      A building from which no income has been derived since the building’s construction AND that , has never been used as a dwelling AND that forms part of the trading stock of a business.

      So – it is only businesses that can claim the exemption – not a person .

    • John – unless you are getting Mortgage Interest Supplement – the governement rules state that you will not get a waiver.
      Unemployed people have to pay the same as Tds , Bankers, and Millionaires.

  101. Well it was just a matter of time, be honest! Over in Belgium they are paying between 600 – 1000 euro per year per appartment / house.

    Am I happy that Ireland is catchingup? No…but we can not dunk our heads in the ground.

    So, enjoy that it is only a 100 euro for this year…and maybe more years to come.

    • Rex – read More about the NPPR here – it is another proprty tax that is already in place in Ireland. It is charged on houses that ae not the principal residence of the owner. Currently €200 a year.

  102. Why are council tenants exempt from paying the household charge as they also use all the services

    • Only property owners are liable for the charge. The council don’t have to pay the charge to themselves.
      This charge is a property ownership tax – but why they called it Household Charge – who knows??

  103. I paid the fee of 100 euro and now i found out my apt block did not have to pay as it is unfinished.So how do i get my money back?Does anyone know?


  105. im not paying a penny till laois county council does something about the roads and footpats around my house give them more money so they can scratch themself’s more lol……..

  106. I live in a private developement that is not in charge with the local council and thus do not recieve any council services , we pay pay for all our own services trough our management company . Will we be still liable for the charge .

    • Martin – This charge is supposed to be towards the provision of services by you local council in the whole county / city. It is not just to cover your street.

  107. I am trying to organise my aged parents registration. They do not have a computer!!! Where can I get or download a Registration Form? I tried the address suggested above –

    “Home Owners can also print off a registration form on the Householdcharge website”

    I couldn’t just print out a form. I had to register on line and I don’t have their details.
    Thanks Niamh

    • The Household Charge can be paid by cheque – you need to print off the registration form and send it back with the 100 euro payment to
      Household Charge, PO Box 12168, Dublin 1
      You can also pay at your local Council Office

  108. I bought my property 7 years ago,originally it was a corporation house,I bought from a private seller.On signing the contracts I was told that I could not sell the house for 20 years as it is ex corporation.Am I exempt from the household charge.

  109. In Dublin City Council areas cash payments will only be accepted in Civic Offices, Fishamble Street Dublin 8

    • Carmel – The Dublin City Council website says people need to pay at Customer Service Centre, Block 3, Ground Floor, Civic Offices, Wood Quay

  110. i own a mobile home but i have a wall around it and a roof on it will i still have to pay the property tax

    • The legislation states that liable properties exclude structures that are not permanently attached to the ground,
      a vessel and vehicles (whether mobile or not);

  111. I have inherited a property in Ireland, but I am uk resident, one of the details required are PPS number I do not have one – there seems to be no answer in FAQ as to what to do about this? Do you know wether I can register and pay without one? Seems I also have to pay NPPR as well!!

    • Julie – when you register on – the first screen asks you to confirm that you live outside Ireland and do not have a PPSN

  112. I have a 2nd property in Ireland which I pay NPPR tax, do I have to pay this in addition the NPPR , please let me know.


  113. Hello,
    I live in the UK and have a flat in Dundalk which I let out. I currently pay the Non Principal Private Residences ( NPPR ) tax. Am I now liable for both the NPPR and the property tax?

  114. Hi,
    If you are living in a mobile home does the household charge apply? It’s not included in the list of what a residential property comprises of.

  115. Hi,
    My wifes parents died leaving a house which remains idle. Is their estate liable or exempt for this tax?


    Derek Clarke

    • Derek – there is an exemption clause in the legislation –
      “Where a person who is the sole owner of a residential property dies, the personal representative of the deceased person shall not, in
      respect of that residential property, be liable to pay the household charge relating to a year in which the liability date falls after the date
      of death of the deceased person and before the date of issue of a grant of representation to the estate of the deceased person.”

      So – if the owner died before Jan 1st 2012 – and the date of issue of the grant of representation was after Jan 1st 2012 – then the personal representative will not be liable for 2012.

  116. Hi – if a residential house has been turned in business offices (5) – will a 100 Euro payment apply? So far, no rates have been charged. Thank you – Sharon

    • Sharon – under the regulations a building is classed as a residential building if it is “occupied or suitable for occupation.”
      If it is in use as offices – then I assume it can’t be occupied as a dwelling and is therefore not classed as residential – and will not be liable for the charge
      If commercial rates are charged on it – that would definitely stop it being classed as residential property.

  117. I was very lucky to inherit two homes last year.

    One home I vist two weeks out the year and already pay the NPPR tax and understand that I will have to pay the new household charge of 100 euro tax. I live in the US.

    I do not have to pay the NPPR tax on the older vacant house that is unlivable. Do I have to pay the household charge of 100 euro on that house?

  118. I have a holiday home which is used very infrequently…not been occupied since August 2010. Most other years it would be occupied for less than one month. Do I still have to pay this charge?

    • Kathleen – the bad news is that you will be liable for the household charge on the home – as well as the NPPR of €200 a year.

    • Unless you qualify for a waiver or exemption in the list here – you will be liable.
      The government have set the charge so that a pensioner on the basic pension pays the same as a billionaire !

  119. I understand that I have to pay the 100e on my residence. I also have an investment property and I have been paying the NPPR on this. Do I also have to pay another 100e on top of the NPPR tax?

  120. Im just wondering about a friend of mine, whos landloard is making her pay the household charge, either pay it or he will increase her rent to make up the money, can he do this?

  121. For a property rented out, can the ‘household charge’ be set down as a charge when calculating income for tax purposes.

    • As you are probably aware the NPPR is not an allowable expense – so I assume that theis new tax will not be an allowable expense in computing taxable rental income either. You could check with Revenue for the definitive answer.

  122. I have read the article and it does not mention OAP’s – do they have to pay this charge?

    • Pensioners are liable . The only waivers are for people on Mortgage Interest Supplement and for those living in certain “unfinished estates”

    • Yes George – as it states in the article….. ” The new Household Charge will apply to properties on which NPPR is also being paid.”

  123. I live upstairs above my pub. I pay commercial rates on the pub but not on the residential part of the premises. Will I have to pay the household charge as well?

    • Gerard – I am sure you are liable for the household charge on the residential dwelling.

      • Gerard – that councillor is incorrect . The legislation states that buildings wholly used as dwellings and liable for commercial rates ar not liable for teh household charge.

      • Just curious, what would be an example of “a building wholly used as dwellings and liable for commercial rates”? Surely any building wholly used as dwellings would never have been liable for commercial rates… A prison? A hotel with no bar or function room? A block of flats?

      • Gerard – I am pretty sure that Residential properties are exempt from Commercial Rates – so they probably just put that clause in to clarify that the building must be “wholly” used as dwellings to be exempt . I.e to clarify that a flat aboove a shop or pub is not exempt.
        If in doubt – check with your local council. It will be interesting to see what they say (if they know!)

  124. Hi I am just wondering if people on disability allowance are liable for household charge? I am on DB and I also claim for my husband, but only get partial payment for him. Total is €312 per week. We do not receive any other benifits i.e. household package etc.. Would appreciate your advise or where I can find out about this.Thank you.

    • marzi – you are liable – but you could get a waiver if you are getting mortgage interest supplement

  125. If one is in receipt of TRS on their mortage, are they liable to pay this charge?

  126. Just wondering, My husband inherited the family home and no longer lives there as he has his own house. His brother has a right of residency in the house. He won’t sign over the house in his name and my husband does not want to be caught with this payment. Is there any way around this..

    • Catherine – I think – as the owner – your husband will be liable for the charge on this house as well as his own.

  127. I am a foreigner and I own a property (holiday home)in Ireland. Do I have to pay the charge, and if so, how do I do that, as I do not have a PPS number?

    • Postman – there is an option for people outside Ireland to register without a PPS number.
      You should also look at the NPPR – you are probably liable for that also.
      That has been in force since 2009.

  128. I already pay a management company a fee for lighting, planting and general upkeep of the estate so will I now need to pay both?

    • The only waivers granted are listed in the articel – there are no other waivers or exemptions.

  129. People should read the Act, and particularly Sections 8 & !0.
    All liabilities for the Household Charge Tax, including incremental interst and penalties, are now legally converted into a Mortgage (Charge ) on ‘liable’ properties. This Mortgage(Charge) does’nt fade away with time, and attaches to the property. You can’t succesfully sell or mortgage your property, if liable, while you owe anything on the Household Charge, after the deadline date. It’s ‘GOTCHA’ for them !!

    • I suppose what rent you charge tenants is defined in any tenancy agreement you have?
      How can you suddenly increase the rent mid tenancy?

  130. Hi,

    You mention on your site that the registration form for the household charge can be downloaded from the website, however I cannot see it anywhere. Can you please advise where it is I can find it.

    Many thanks

    Kind regards
    Ann Marie

  131. I’m on disability and yes with all the other bills it is a tall order. I still would not pay it if I was working on principle I’m not paying the same tax as the likes of pay Kenny or anyone else who earns ridiculous money ever year. Not to forget this money is not for the Irish people it’s for gamblers. Enough is enough.

  132. i am emigrating so how can i be expected to pay for services i wont be using as i wont be living here ?

  133. It was advertised at 2euro per week, is there any facility to pay this way as with tv licence,
    100 euro is a tall order for OAP, to get together.

    • Sally – the best they are offering is 4 payments by direct debit of €25 each
      Dates 13th March 2012 , 14th May 2012 , 13th July and 10th September 2012

  134. Why is the catholic church with all the property they own exempt imagine the revenue that would bring in

    • @noel:

      how do you know the Catholic Church is exempt? If what you say is correct, this is a disgrace.

      • Brendan – any properties owned by charites are exempt. All the Catholic Dioceses in Ireland are registered charitie I’m pretty sure
        (That makes them exempt from all sorts of taxes – Income Tax – ,Corporation Tax
        Capital Gains Tax , Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) – Capital Acquisitions Tax , Stamp Duty )

  135. Im an old age pensioner and myself and my husband have had our medical card revoked, for what reason I dont know, they say because there is more than 197 euros coming in, do we have to pay this charge too, as our medication is 126 euros per month now.

  136. I agree this is not ideal, but it could be a hell of a lot worse. I too own an apt in Ireland but now live in London. Although no one wants to pay an extra EUR100 a year, it is not anywhere near the £165 per month (yes per month !!!!) I have to pay in council tax for living in London

  137. I have a question about the household charges: I live in an apartment and pay €1200 per year management fees, so do I still have to pay this charge?

    • If you own the apartment you will have to register for the household charge Margaret.

  138. can anyone advise me on the charge, my husband and i live in the same dewelling as his parents but with separate front doors, we can’t even insure our end as we don’t own the dewelling,anyway my question is do we have to pay €100 each or is it just the one charge of €100?

    • If you all share common areas and just have separate bedrooms – then it is classed as one dwelling with one charge.
      If there are seperate units within the building – then it is 2 units with 2 household charges.
      Check with your local council for further clarification.

  139. Hi

    There appears to be a problem with’s website security certificate. Windows explorer is advisisng not to enter personal details on it. Anybody else experience this?

    Not very clever seeing as they are looking for credit card payments

  140. I fear this household charge and where it is going and in principle I am not against it BUT back in the 80s we were levied with an extra 1% on our taxes to replace the rates which were abolished and this was to cover all council services? Anyone remember that?

  141. Understand your feelings Mathew,But its not the land we live in but the Greedy incompetent idiots that we as a people have elected in the past couple of decades to represent our once great nation.The Lisbon referendum should have never have been voted on twice we as a people made a democratic decision & it was reversed making us the laughing stock of Europe.If we are not to spend the next god knows how many more decades being governed by the idiots who have brought not only our country but also the Euro to its knees we as a nation need to come together & say NO to these idiots.

  142. Just can’t understand why people are objecting to paying this Household Charge. Way back before the 70ties, we paid substantial Rates. Then along comes Fianna Fail, with an election promise: to do away with Rates. Our Co. Councils do not have the money, to repair our Roads & Pavements. To provide clean water, Fire and Emergency Services. It is absolutely crazy not to have some sort of charge for Public Services. Friends visiting from Overseas are astounded that we do not have to pay for these vital Services.

    • I paid over €38,000 stamp duty in 2006 for my home which is now in negative equity. The reason the stamp duty was so high was because we did not have a property tax. Therefore as far as I’m concerned I have paid my property tax already and continue to do so as I had to borrow it from the bank and am paying interest on it. My next door neighbour built a new house a few years ago and paid over €15,000 to the Co. Co. for the provision of these services. Why should he pay again?

    • 1 Road tax should pay for the up keep of the roads.
      2 I have a well so council do not up keep my water supply
      3 I don’t have lighting down my road
      4 I am in Roscommon and they have closed A&E and if i call the fire brigade or need an ambulance they charge me for coming out not the council.

      • Tim – I suppose many people could have similar arguments against paying income tax that goes towards things they don’t use.

      • Money Guide – the only people to pay road tax are those who own vehicles and use the roads. Why not the same for services? The household charge is being billed as being a revenue specifically for the Co. Co.s to provide services so why not charge those that use the services instead of those that look after their own needs?

      • Fair Play to you TIM
        you are stating the facts , and it is a discrace , Enda Kenny , James Reilly and a lot of politicians have a lot to answer for…. why dont they charge bankers who caused all the problems initially

  143. Heres the paradox. I rent my house out and I am therefore liable for Non principle Private Residence Tax (NPPR) yet I am now being asked to pay a Household charge. How can the house be a household and a non principle residence at the same time.

    I hate Ireland so much. I had to emigrate because I couldnt get a job there. I had to rent my house out because I am not able to sell it so as a result, I and others like me are just target boards for a future flurry of all sorts of sneaky house taxes.

    Aarrrrgh I dont even live in the country but I am still paying for its sins. What a shit, backward, idiotic land it is.

    • Couldnt agree more Matthew. I also left Ireland to find work overseas and just paid the NPPR charge but for me to have to pay this household charge too makes no sense. I just feel sorry for people who are still in Ireland and trying to get by but are getting bled dry with taxes and charges everywhere. Ireland is not going to be a nice place to live for the next 10 years I’m thinking!

      • Matthew and John need to waken up and smell the roses. The country is our ountry. No one else is going to fix it or save it. Ireland is still the best place to live in and bring up a family. How unpatriotic.

        I at 60 years of age have seen much worse times in Ireland and we came through it. Have you read The Endgame, this problem is worldwide and not just Ireland. Would you like to go and live in Greece?

      • How is having a disagreement about a tax unpatriotic? So the only way to show someone’s love of a country is to blindly accept whatever’s suggested by those in charge? That’s silly.

        Also, at the risk of nit-picking, Ireland is NOT the best place to place to live and bring up a family. Not by anyone’s standards but your own. Have you lived AND brought up a family anywhere else other than Ireland? If so, you’d do well to say that. Lends a tiny bit more credibility to your claims.

        In my experience, I feel Ireland is as a whole package full of too much crap for me to want to live here anymore.

        For the record, I think the household charge/property tax as a fund for local services is a great idea.

      • PJ
        I am a 61y/old and I too have lived through some very tough times.Then we were all badly off and never really had much anyway,we worked hard for our children and delivered.The problem now is that people got somewhat used to a better lifestyle which they are entitled to and were not over the top in most cases .Now these hopes and dreams have been shattered by our idiot politicians.The country is now a disaster and a bloody disgrace.What i thought was good advice to my kids to hop on the property ladder like i did has ended in disaster for all.Their homes are prisons and a liability ,they do not regard them as homes any longer.I have one that has left already with two more ready to go but they cannot find buyers and are at their wits end.Their stress is now seething anger and have no regard for this country anymore.My supposedly good advice has turned into a nightmare for all of us..Pj if i was 30yrs younger i would be thinking of going as well.

  144. i am getting mortgage interest supplement,so i am exempt but do i have to let them know this or will they automatically know

  145. Regard to 5 bedsits wihin a house , tha landlord will now have to pay 500 euro plus 200 euro nppr and pay 60 euro to prtb for each tennant and finally pay tax on rental income earned as well as up keep and maintenance it is just not worth it anymore .

    • Kevin – the NPPR would be 5 times 200 on 5 bedsits – so €1000 . The charge, like the Household Charge is payable in respect of each unit of accommodation. Where a building is divided into flats or bedsits, the charge applies to each flat or bedsit.
      Double Whammy –

  146. I live in a house that is not yet in my name, but I expect it to be in the future….its under construction really, upstairs is mostly finished, but downstair just has bare block walls… I have to pay??

    • Joe – the legislation says that if a “building is occupied, or suitable for occupation, as a separate dwelling” – then it is liable.
      If you live in it – then it is obviously occupied.
      If you don’t own it – then who ever owned it on Jan 1st 2012 is liable for the charge.

  147. Ha. third last paragraph, supposed to be used by local authorities….for fire services….lighting… the fire service and get a bill of 1,500 euros. look at your ESB bill and there is a standing charge for service lighting…Paying again for something we already have to pay for….

  148. Just before Christmas I bought a property and in doing so, paid stamp duty. Am I exempt for 2012?

  149. this charge is another mortgage, and is just another way that the cowardly and disfunctional goverment is screwing the irish people. shame on them.

  150. Can you tell me where you post the household charge to? How do you send it by post – i.e., is there a form you have to complete?

    • You can print off a registration form on the website and send it by post to Household Charge, PO Box 12168, Dublin 1 where payments by cheque will also be accepted.

      For those people without internet access – they should be able to collect a registration form at their local Council office and pay there too.

  151. Do people who have purchased their properties in 2007 under the affordable housing schemes run by the county councils have to pay the household charge

    • Eileen – I don’t see any mention of exemptions for affordable housing .

  152. Does anybody know if this needs to be paid by property owners that are no longer resident in Ireland?


    • Dillon – all owners have to pay no matter where they are living. You will also be liable for the NPPR

    • Mary – the Household Charge can be paid in 4 quarterly installments by Direct Debit – or in one lump sum.

  153. we are availing still of the TRS on the mortgage, i am i right in saying we too are exempt??

    thank you

    • Oval — no – TRS recipients are not exempt – many mortgage payers get that . It is only those on low income who get Mortgage Interest Supplement who are exempt (it is confusing) See More here about Mortgage Supplement

  154. I paid 26000.00 Euros Stamp duty on my private home, I own the house and the land it is on. I have my own well that was paid for and paid duty to council. More tax! are FG crazy!
    The council do not look after the roads around me and do not collect the rubbish, stuck when it snows for weeks!
    FG chase the developers and the failed bankers and failed politicians.

  155. What happens if you do not live in the house, havent paid the mortgage and waiting for the bank to reposess, or if I live in hope, if it sells? I cant pay the mortgage let alone the charge.?

  156. I heard a person who, I think, is responsible for the collection of this charge, interviewed on Ireland Am this morning. She made reference to ESB bills and other similar sources being used to track households. My question and concern is, does this action comply with data protection for individuals and has the Data Protection Commissioner any view on this matter. My second query is, where a household is owned jointly by two persons, is the charge to be jointly or individually charged?

    • Therese – the Data Protection issue needs looking at. I don’t think any of us agreed to let ESB information be used to collect taxes !
      On he other issue – joint owners are jointly and severally liable. So – just One person needs to register and pay – and you sort it out between yourselves who (i.e one pays teh other €50) . But if no-one pays they could in theory chase you both for the overdue amount. There is – so far – no option to split the bill .

    • Of course using ESB data is illegal – at present. None of us signed up to the ESB so that our data could be abused by a totalitarian government, but all they need to do is change the law and it becomes legal. Simples really. ID cards next, optional first, then compulsory.

  157. I live in rural Ireland, the council do nothing for me, I have to do a 60 mile round trip to dispose of my rubbish, is it snows I am left stranded for weeks because the council wont grit the roads, the roads are full of rubbish and hedges growing in. It took me ten years to get them to sort out flooding outside my front door. I must pay for the installation and maintain my own sewerage and water, there is of course no street lighting or any services in the local village. I live below the poverty line, must pay to keep a thirteen year old car on the road so I can do a weekly shop and go without heating and food , I eat once a day to try to pay my bills.. now this unfair tax ..2 euros to me is alot… Why should we pay for getting absolutely zero.

    • Jenny– In your case I would just not pay– you shouldn’t
      have to worry about any of this either– what else can they do if enough marginalised people refuse to pay. Remember that the ‘fatcats’ and the politicians in this country together with the developers and their banker friends made the terrible mess that this country is in– so let them pay–let Seanie, Bertie and the visitors to the galway tent pay. Let them first of all take off the huge pensions from the retired FF politicians and central bank regulators who failed so miserably at doing their job–let them pay. Me? I’m lucky enough to be able to emigrate– I’ve had enough of this cabbage patch. so good luck and bye. James

    • Jenny,

      I understand that you get no benefit from local authority, and feel it unfair to have to pay. The point though is that this is not a household charge to pay for the advantages people benefit from. It is just a tax. End of. If it was a charge to pay for our services, then each person should have their income tax reduced accordingly. Just like the “water charges”, which are just a euphemism for more tax.


  158. This household tax has not been explained it has just been introduced and we are just supposed to pay it. There are no clear guidelines, for example if you are eldery and on a pension do you pay it? if you are on a government payment do you have to pay it or do you get a supplement payment towards it? Its just all so confusing…….can anyone out there answer any of my questions????????

  159. If enough of us do not pay the government will be faced with a mammoth task of sorting out those who are liable and those who are not which would be un-workable as they do not have the man power to police this. Also paying when you sell is a non runner as most of us are in negative equity and cannot afford to sell.

  160. A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves
    So if its only once in your life you stand up to be counted then I reckon now is the time to do it.
    Let the people who F—– up this country pay for it

  161. im on invadility benifit own my house do i get any allowence towards household tax

    • Teresa – there are no reductions on household charge because of low income. The only income related exemption is for the 18000 claiming Mortgage Interest Supplement

  162. It will not make any difference if you do not pay, the charge will be added to your property plus interest and they will get it back when you sell.


  164. Enda Kenny say’s it was’nt are fault if thats the case Enda go get your tax from the Bankers,Builders,Minister’s who did cause this mess. Trying to get more tax from from the working class simply won’t work THEY HAV’NT GOT IT wake up?

  165. Do not register for the charges’its about time the people of Ireland get up off there arse’s and do something about it.Enough is enough where is it going to stop if we all stick togeather we can beat this banker bailout charge.

  166. If this tax law is passed, everybody should strike for one day each week. Imagine how much revenue would be lost to the government. I paid tax on my income I bought my house (mortgage), the people that built my house paid tax, tax on the materials used to build my house was paid. Did you also know that MEP’s have their own dutyfree shop in Brussels, but not us as we are within the EU. It’s time we put our foot down, polititions and bankers got us into this mess, and again WE have to pay.

    • Walter – apart from a bit of rubber stamping – this tax is happening. It will be in for 2012 .
      There are prtests and boycott calls. I don’t think people will strike and lose a days pay for the sake of a €2 a week tax.

      • Is starts off at €2 a week what will it end up as? And if you are off for one day, you don’t loose one fifth of your take home pay, as you are allowed to earn X amount before paying tax. So if everyone did not pay tax for one day the coffers would be down. If this is passed there will be something else after that. Enda can give his buddy €35,000 wage rise, I don’t even earn that, they can send the government can sent jet to England to bring back a party member for his vote €6000 cost….we all know the story.

  167. Ok so this is good coz now I don’t have to lull about whether to keep paying NPPR on my rented properties. It would be stupid to pay one and not pay the other – so obvious is to pay neither.
    Only regret is I have paid NPPR up to now. My feeling is most landlords will follow suit and instead of the gov being up the 100 for each property they will be down the 200 they were already getting.
    Anyway the penalties will be continuously lobbed against the property(s) in question so I will let the council argue it with the banks when the properties are eventually sold. As there is that much neg equity on them now, outstanding loans cannot be cleared.

  168. think ot is a disgrace to levy this on top of 200 charge on property that is not rented. the builders who borrowed the money and broke the countries banks dont have to pay either.

  169. The county council has not taken charge of my estate – is this unfinished?
    When they start cutting grass, fixing lights and enforcing the planning permission pre requisites then i’ll gladly pay the property tax.
    The constant noise levels due to unfulfilled planning pre requisites are unsafe would this make the house uninhabitable?

  170. Our home is currently in the process of being sold. While contracts are about to be signed before end of 2011, we wont be moving out until the first/second week of January. Who is liable for the charge – the seller or purchaser?

    • Why don,t you stand up and say were not paying this charge and support the many thousands of people who cant pay.

  171. What about people with long term illness on Disability Payments.
    They have to survive on DA or DB with no cost-of-illness payments for frequent hospital visits and hospitalisations.

    They are already disadvantaged in relation to most of the rest of society. Will they now have to face this charge which will increase year by year? One report says it will ultimately be set at a minimum of .5% of the value of their home.

    Will there be any exemptions here?

  172. The lease I have with my tenant explicitely states that the tenant is liable for any household charges or taxes and I am liable for the NPPR. As a contract exists am I as landlord still liable for the charge ??

    • Ian – I suppose you could ask your tenant to pay – but if they don’t it will be you – the owner – who will be responsible for any unpaid charges and penalties. The payment system is not available yet – but it is likely to be asking payers to confirm they are the owners of the house when they register – which your tenant cannot do .
      I suppose many landlords will be considering just putting their rent up by €25 a month to cover the extra expense of NPPR and Household TAx . But – others will just accept it .

  173. I have a shared ownership mortgage with Dublin City Council (50/50). Are we equally liable to pay 50% each?

  174. hello i am a pensioner and live in my own brother lives in the old family home and has done since birth.its in my name.i was wondering will i have to pay the new tax for that house as well as my own. pat

    • Pat – you will be liable for each property that you own . You may also be liable for NPPR too on the house you don’t live in .

    • Ian – a building is liable if it is occupied, or suitable for occupation . So – If the house is habitable on Jan 1st in any given year – it will be liable for that year.

  175. As a landlord, I already pay the NPPR charge of €200, is this new tax in addition to that charge or do I get an allowance of any sort.

    Many Thanks,

  176. I am in receipt of Mortgage Interest Supplement, do I still have to register with the new collecting authority and claim the waiver on line.
    Many thanks for your help.

    • Shirley – the full details are not known – but if it is similar to the NPPR you will be expected to register and then claim the exemption. In the future you will need to proove any exemption if/when you come to sell the house.

    • Mary – If you don’t register for the Household Charge it is pretty unlikely that you will be getting bills or visits from anyone.
      You will still be liable for the charge – and if you do eventually register there will be late payment penalties on top of the charge (max 30%)
      To keep admin costs down – it is unlikely that the Government will be actively chasing non payers – it would cost them too much. (But it can’t be ruled out)
      If you ever sell the house – or if it is inherited by someone – then there may be a chack carried out on the Household Tax that has been paid – and you or your estate will be asked to pay any outstanding amounts.
      Ultimately – non payment could result in prosecution and a court may impose a class C fine under the Fines Act 2010, which ranges from €1,000 to €2,500.

  177. In your article you state that in regards to late payments “If charges remain unpaid a charge will remain attached to the property – if a property is sold the new owner becomes liable for outstanding charges and penalties.” Does this mean that if I dont pay the charge it will just continue to be marked up until I sell the house. If so then that suits me just fine. Thanks to the banks my house is now worth half the value of my mortgage so I’m never going to be selling it anyways. Both myself and my wife work full time, but we are already barely able afford our mortgage and have arrears of 2 months to our name.

  178. if you have your own well and you are not connected to a water scheme and have your own septic tank do you still have to pay this charge?? I know they say ghost estates will be exempt but what about people living in the country side.. roads are collapsing for want of a bit of tarmac and bus services are few and far between… street cleaning does not exist in the counrty side and ive never witnessed planting of any sort taking place by our local authority.

    • Deidre – Living in a rural location will not mean you are exempt from the charge.

  179. Hi i am on disability was wondering will we have to pay this household charge? as my wife is also careing for me

    • Philip – unless you are getting Mortgage Interest Supplement you will be liable – under the proposed legislation. The government has not really thought this through properly. They are trying to protect people on low income by making those on Mortgage Interest Supplement exempt – but they haven’t considered those on low income who have paid off the mortgage. The legislation is being voted on this week – so there is still a very slight chance it will be amended.

  180. My only income is a jobseekers allowance. Am I still liable for household charge?


    • If you own the home you are liable – unless you are getting Mortgage Interest Supplement. The government has not really thought this through properly. They are trying to protect people on low income by making those on Mortgage Interest Supplement exempt – but they haven’t considered those on low income who have paid off the mortgage.

  181. I am in the process of building a house. It will not be completed/habitable until late 2012.
    Will I have to pay the household charge.

    • Peter – the rules state that a building is liable if it is occupied, or suitable for occupation.
      If the house is habitable on Jan 1st in any given year – it will be liable.
      You may need to keep some sort of proof of completion in case of any future queries on liability dates if the house is ever sold.

  182. A neighbour has six flats in a similar house to mine. Does he only have to pay once? Is there not a difference between a house and a household? Does he not have six households in one house?

    Is it true that the collectors can use info from registrations with the PRTB? But the published PRTB files of registrations are all mixed up!

    • Joan – a “property” is a flat, a bedsit a house – any self contained dwelling. If a building is split into 6 flats – each with their own entrance – then there will be 6 household charges to pay.
      There are no collectors – the Household charge relies on self registration .

  183. I inherited a property where people have a right of residence and pay no rent – I pay NPPR, do I have to pay this as well?

    • It appears you will be liable for the Household Charge too under the proposed legislation. You are the owner.

  184. if you have purchased under the affordable housing scheme are you liable to pay the charge?

    • Ruth – there is no mention of exemtption for affordable housing – so if the bill is passed in its present form you will be liable I am afraid..

  185. Does the household charge apply to people who have a home in Ireland but who have had to emigrate?

    • Joe — you are already liable for the NPPR on any house you own in Ireland and don’t live in . From Jan 2012 – all home owners are also liable for the the new household charge . It doesn’t matter where you live .
      Bad News – Sorry

  186. I have a rental property and pay the NPPR charge on this property. Surely I don’t also have to pay a second housing charge on this property?

    • The household charge will be collected by the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA), and homeowners will be able to pay either by post or online. People owning more than one property will have to pay it on top of the €200 Non-Principal Private Resident (NPPR) charge, which is also collected by the LGMA.

    • jerry – no tenants have to pay the household charge – only owners. But the Councils will be exempt .

  187. This is a Socialist “Bash the Landlord” tax . Added bonus of creating several hundred “non jobs” pushing bits of paper around.
    I see your income tax takes typically 10 % out of a £30k salary.
    In the UK a working man would pay much more – about £4k.
    Why dont the Powers simply put up income tax ??

  188. If we accept paying less then €2 a week now, do you think it will still be less then €2 a week the year after or two years from now? what will you do if and when it comes to €20 a month or more then that? its obvious the €100 a year charge is only a foot in the door tactic to get people to say that, s not much I can afford that, once you say that and accept it, just watch as the goverment rack up the property tax each and every year afterwards.

    Its time to now to take a stand and refuse to pay any property tax, if we don, t do it now, we will look back in a good few years time when property tax could be say €1000 a year and wonder why didn, t we resist when they tried to get a foot in the door?

    In regards to the property tax, for anyone that, s opposed to it, there is a national boycott campaign being built that, s underway, w…e have already held many succesful meetings around the country in galway, cork, waterford, donegal, kilkenny, …where the majority who have attended these meetings have agreed non payment is the only way to go, and remember if you decide to boycott it and not pay it, you won, t be by any means on your own, there are others like minded people who feel the same way, who have signed up to this campaign, check your local newspapers for meetings in your local area.

    For everyone against the household charge/property tax, please share this link on your facebook wall and ask all your friends to sign up to this campaign, we shall be stronger in numbers-we shall be one-we shall be many.

  189. Hi
    I am a mature student receiving Back-To-Education, and my husband is receiving a small pension from England (much less than the Irish pension). Are we exempt from this charge?

    • Olivia – The proposed legislation only mentions an exemption for people in reciept of mortgage interest supplement.
      Of course – this is no good to people who have no mortgage.
      There is no exemption or reduced charge based on having low income. (Apart from being in reciept of the mortgage interest supplement)
      A millionare couple earning thousandsa week – will pay the same Household Charge as a pensioner on Social Welfare who paid for their house years ago.

  190. Hey guys,
    Im currently receiving mortgage supplement, do i have to pay the charge? Thanks, J.

    • John – you will be exempt from the charge if you are in reciept of mortgage interest supplement .
      Not sure if you will have to register and then claim the exemption – we will have to see how the system works.

  191. 2nd home charge (for a home you can’t live in)
    Household charge not paid for by the household living in it.
    Income tax (if you are lucky enough to be making a profit on your letting) which does not allow the first two charges to be deducted in calculating your tax – double taxation really.
    Why not count the windows and give us the honestly titled “Daylight Robbery” of years gone by????

  192. You know what Noreen you’re right.
    And whats more they give a timelome to pay this €100…..well I remember a TD saying on TV that “sure it’s only €1.92 per week…..guess what….it’s by the week I’ll be paying.

  193. Do you know what its great to be a tenant in this country. Let the landlord pick up everything!! sure we are rolling in the money… Wish I never bought investment property. More like bleed me dry properties….

  194. I own one house which is rented out as part of the RAS scheme so I do not have to pay the NPPR. Will I also be exempt from the new household charge?

    • Patrick – some bad news for you – the NPPR exemption for RAS is ending !. I will find out the dates and get back to you.
      You will be liable for Household Charge on all houses that you own.

  195. It says ‘not occupiers’. I own and occupy my house, with a small mortgage that I am not claiming tax relief on. Will I or won’t I be liable?

    • M – Owners are liable – tenants are not . If you own a house – you are expected to pay this charge.

  196. My estate is unfinished,
    Where do I get a list prescribed by the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government
    2. Those in certain unfinished housing estates (Estimated to be less than 400 estates) : –

    • Ian – No list yet – but we will find out where it is as soon as possible.

  197. Seems a bit strange that they announce these charges and they have not even bothered to get a website up and running… is just a blank webpage…..what a bunch of wasters

    • We will try and provide information here about the Household Charge – concerned you probably should be!

  198. I already pay 2nd home tax for a house I could no longer live in so have rented it out to cover some of the mortgage. Is this charge on top of this and paid seperately or included in the 2nd home tax?

    • I’d be thinking that you’ll be paying on the double! I have a second house rented out and already pay 200 euros NPPR and if the tenant isn’t liable for this new charge then I guess I am! 🙁

    • john – the owner is liable . Joint owners are jointly liable. There are no exemptions on health or disability grounds.

  199. if a dependent relative lives in the property for her lifetime with an exclusive right of reidence i.e. i couldn’t live in the house even if I wanted or needed to- i get no income of any type from the property, I am the owner for the last 15 years but the house was transferred to me on the above basis, is there any exemption in this scenario?

    • Michael – you are the owner and will be liable as I understand it. . There are no exemptions that cover your situation..

  200. if you are paying the 200 euro charge on a second home which is rented is the 100 euro charge also applied ?? can you be expected to pay two levies/charges on the one property

    • Am interested in the answer to this one if anyone knows – will there be 2 taxes on the same property?

    • There is no mention in either legislation of exemptions from either NPPr or Household Charge because of being liable for the other. Looks like owners who don’t live in a home they own will be liable for both charges ..

  201. How can you find out if your estate is classed as a Category 3 or 4 unfinished housing estate?

  202. To whom it may concern,

    I Gary Clarke am a household owner along with my friend with a mortgage.I am on illness benifit for the past 6 months i am also on mortgage interest supplment. Total pay each week is 220.30. My friend has a gross salary of 28,000 a year. I juat want to know how will the household charge effect us both?? Do we have to pay the charge?

    Yours Sincerly,
    Gary Clarke.

    • Gary – the full legislation has not been agreed yet – so we cannot give you a definite answer.
      It will be interesting to see how joint property owners are treated.
      We will post any details as soon as they are released.

      • By my understanding , should be only one charge per one house , joint property owners or single no difference

      • jointed owner – yes there will only be one charge – but they are saying that people in receipt of mortgage interest supplement will be exempt – so it will be interesting to see how they cope with joint owners where one is getting MIS . Will half the charge be exempt ? The administration of this charge will end up costing a big percentage of what is collected !

      • The legislation states – that co-owners of property shall be jointly and severally liable for the
        charge, and that payment of the charge by any one co-owner shall
        discharge the liability for all the co-owners.

  203. phil hogan seems to relish this work of introducing charges on behalf of the imf.he should remember whom he represents and how it effects families .

  204. What is “social housing”?? Is a local authority constructed house, occupied by someone who bought it from the local authority social housing? or is only housing occupied by those renting it from the local authority?

    I assume that those in receipt of rent supplement in a private dwelling are not affected as the new charge will be paid by the owner.

  205. People with 2nd homes already pay the Non Principal Private Residences tax at €200 which goes to the local authority. How can an extra €100 therefore be justified as it also will go to the local authority. Many people with 2nd homes foolishly took out huge mortgages and are seriously indebted as a result. If the Housetold Tax progresses to a full Property Tax as proposed how could an individual pay for example an additional 2 property taxes (if they had 2 extra homes)at for example €1500 per house on top of a huge mortgage (there are many people in this position paying interest only on 2nd & 3rd homes)… there must be some consideration for people in that position

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