TV Licence Refunds in Ireland

In Ireland a TV Licence costs €160 a year.
If you move abroad and no longer need an Irish television licence – you will not get a refund of any of the licence fee.

In the UK – they do operate a refund system – which applies to people moving abroad, students going back home for the summer or people moving into residential care home.
In Ireland – it seems that this is not possible. A TV licence is paid for a full year in all cases with no refunds possible. So – someone renewing a licence at the start of a year who then moves abroad in March will have overpaid by  €133 which they will not get back

Another example of  poor service for Irish residents from our “knowledge economy” government.


3 thoughts on “TV Licence Refunds in Ireland

  1. JDC- I agree – TV is mostly rubbish . But I can still complain about the fact that you have to pay for a whole years licence even if you leave the country.

  2. Paul – you can get car tax reffunds in Ireland if you leave the country – but it appears you can’t get a car tax refund if you sell the car.

  3. Ok. I was referring specifically to the selling of a car with a valid and unexpired tax disc. A refund should be the case also in the selling situation as the person who paid the tax (car seller) is not getting what they paid for but is in fact funding the new owners tax obligation.

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