Tips for Health Insurance

Health insurance is taken out by about 45% of the population in Ireland. probably another 10 to 20% have Medical Cards.

If you are admitted to a hospital in Ireland for any reason – without health insurance or a medical card – the charge for in-patient/day services is currently €80 per day up to a maximum of €800 in any 12 consecutive months.

This in-patient charge is being abolished from April 1st 2023.

All the treatment you receive in the hospital, all procedures, scans, surgery etc and all follow-up out-patient treatment is free of any further charges.

If you are taking out health insurance there are three providers – VHI , Irish Life Health  and Laya Health

The price of health insurance in Ireland for one adult can range from around €500 to more than €9000 a year.
The type of cover you can expect for your money is listed below.

  • Entry Level Plan – (Public Hospitals Only) between €500 – €650 per year
  • Basic Public & Private Cover Plans with High Excess – between €700 – €1,100 per year
  • Quality Public & Private (Lower excess) Plans – between €1,200 – €1,600 per year
  • Private Room in Private Hospital Plans – between €1,750 – €2,000 per year
  • Full Cover in All Private and Hi-Tech Hospital Plans – between €2,400 – €9,000 per year

We have an article about Comparing Health Insurance

Compare these important points before you choose an insurer:

  • Always check the excess of the plan for both inpatient and outpatient cover.
  • Look at the student rates and what the cut-off age is for a student.
    Check the number of hospitals and treatment centres covered on your plan.
  • Look at the type of hospital your plan entitles you to and the type of bed in that hospital .
  • Ensure there is adequate cover for A&E abroad.
  • Depending on your life stage, ensure there is adequate maternity cover for you.
  • If you choose a primary care plan, make sure your family can pool their benefits.
  • If switching health insurer, there should be no loss in coverage or no re-serving of waiting periods as long as you are switching to a comparable plan.
  • Remember – you don’t have to wait until renewal to switch health insurer

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