Switching Credit Card

There are several credit card companies in Ireland that do introductory offers of zero interest or low interest to people switching switch credit card provider.

All these credit card offers are for new customers and they usually allow you to transfer your existing credit card balance and pay little or no interest on it  for several months. Some credit cards may also offer zero interest on purchases for several months – this can be good if you have a specific large purchase in mind.

For example Bank of Ireland offer an interest free period of 7 months on balance  transfers – OR 0% for 6 months on purchases. Apply Here

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Balance transfer to an interest free card  can be a good way of helping to clear credit card debts. But you still have to pay off the debt – not just ignore it.

Tip:   Your old  credit card account will remain open even if you pay it off and stop using it. You should inform your old credit card company or bank  in writing and tell them to close the account.  When you get a Letter of Closure – send it to to your new credit card company so you’re not charged stamp duty twice.


You must be over 18 to apply for a credit card –  and have an annual income over a certain amount, usually in the region of at least  €15,000 a year.

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