PTSB 10% Bonus on Tracker Repayments

PTSB are offering a 10% bonus for anyone paying a lump sum of more than €5000 off their tracker mortgage.  Ie. – If you pay €5000 – they will  knock €5500 off the balance of your mortgage. Lump sums have to be in multiples of €5k.
You can only pay up to a maximum of 50% of your current mortgage balance.

This 10% bonus offer is , available to residential, investment and commercial tracker mortgage holders. The offer ends on  June 17th  – but may end sooner if they  reach a figure of  €500 million of additional repayments.
People who take advantage of the bonus can keep their tracker mortgage.

For someone with the capital who is close to the end of their mortgage – this is probably a good idea.